Tucker takes on supporter of legalized marijuana

Canada becomes the second nation in the world to fully legalize the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana; should Americans take notice? Mason …


  1. Tuker Carlson . I can’t disagree with you more than this and believe me I really like you . So you are telling me that it is illegal it not enforced and that’s ok but in the border it is illegal to cross but we have to enforce the law ?
    Very bad argument from your part . We have to have laws and enforce them as you said every day in your program ….. please don’t flake .legalize it or not but please let’s follow the law !!! In this case you looks like a leftard sorry

  2. Oh Fox News, so out of touch. Check the rating bar for some self awareness. It's a plant you're demonizing here.

  3. when i was young the area i lived in was dry(no alcohol sold legally) and we had several boot-legers who didnt ask for an ID. After they went wet it put the boot-leggers out of business. Now to buy it you must prove your 21. While this didnt completely stop under age drinking it did remove 1 of the ways they could get it.

  4. Imagine arresting people and ruining their lives over the possession of a plant. The demonization of marijuana is a sad sight to behold tbh. The fact that Tucker doesnt understand what and how marijuana works is insane to me

  5. It's all about eliminating external authority. The biggest hoax ever
    perpetrated on mankind.

    “…most laws and rules have been written by those outside of you or apart
    from you who in some way believe that they need some control over your
    behavior in order for them to feel good. And it’s such a futile fight
    for them. It’s the reason they get bigger, and louder, and meaner is
    because they can’t win that because they can’t even control their own
    children, or their mates, or their employees. Let alone the world they
    think they need to control to feel better.” …Abraham/Hicks

  6. Lol. Tucker that guy made you look more of a silly than you are. He danced circles around you. And given his stance he probably smokes. For a guy who doesn't smoke your brain is fried

  7. Tucker need to quit drinking so much. It really has distorted his views on Cannabis. He just keeps making up paranoid nonsensical arguments against the proper legalization of Cannabis.

  8. Im a Christian and a republican.
    I cannot live a normal life without the use of marijuana. I have gone up to 6 months without using it to self medicate. The fact is I can't sleep, I can't focus on my work, and I can't relax at all. I don't and won't use pharmacy drugs. Marijuana is safe and I don't abuse it. It is all about educating yourself.
    Always going to watch and listen to your videos. Much respect.

  9. Heyyyy, Tucker's not saying it should be illegal. He's pointing "facts" based on science.. hence reality.

  10. You CLEARLY (!) lost that one, Tucker! CLEARLY! Nope – not a potsmoker writing! On top of it I find it extremely offensiv and arrogant that you ALWAYS use your (rather artificial) female-laughter as a weapon to silence guests! Moron behaviour! On top of it – get prepared before you argue! MORON, a real MORON!

  11. Isnt the point of living in civilized society is that we are more passive and inherently less violent? Also the people who want to be passive and just smoke dope to pass the time are going to be lazy anyways. Why fight the cognitive rights of humanity to have free thought and explore your own mind?

  12. Like listening to conservative media was going to be useful in a debate as controversial as this one.

  13. I am really shocked just how out of touch with reality Tucker is on this!! An the inaccurate and even completely untrue claims that he is making!! Im a big fan of Tucker Carlson but he is WAY off on this one!!

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