Trump suggests he'll end federal ban on marijuana

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on President Trump suggesting he would support an end to the federal ban on marijuana.


  1. The fact that Trump legalized hemp is a step forward to legalizing all cannabis. There will come a time when it finally happens. Trump may legalize all cannabis in time for the election. One hell of a way to win the 2020 election.

  2. Am I the only right-leaning person who favors legalization, ESPECIALLY because I have Autism…? No…?

  3. I use marijuana for my nerve pain. I've often thought about suicide because the pain is so bad, I can't take Oxycontin, Vicodin ,Tramadol or muscle relaxers anymore because they almost killed me. In my state I'm a criminal……. I dont smoke and drive …….I dont do it befor or during work… and I keep it away from my kids tell me why I deserve a felony! Tell my kids their dad is a criminal for medicating his pain!

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  5. I smoke two joints in the morning.
    I smoke two joints at night
    I smoke two joints in the afternoon
    It makes me feel alright
    I smoke two joints in time of peace
    And two in time of war
    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
    And then I smoke two more.
    Sublime…..R.I.P. Bradley

  6. Drug testing for weed at work is legal. yet the Florida state supreme court ruled that drug testing welfare recipients for eligibilty is a violation of the fourth amendment.

  7. I hope Trump does lift the federal ban. We should also get rid of Jeff sessions because he's an idiot and is ignorant when it comes to cannabis.

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  9. Yeah right not in a thousand years will he legalize pot. The trump administration's supporters will never allow it!

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