Treating Equine Melanomas with Cannabis Oil – a Case Study

This video is a photographic case study on treating equine melanomas with Cannabis Oil, based on a year long treatment of my 16 year old Paso Fino mare, …


  1. I just started my 8 year old grey Perch x Arab on internal and topical CBD spiked with extra thc on February 20, thanks to your video. It’s already working. God bless you for sharing your experience. I am documenting mine and will share as well. People need to know about this!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I recently noticed a small sarcoid on my mare cheek. Very small less than 5mm in size. Although the vet wants to wait a month and see if it goes away on its own, I am reluctant to sit and hope for results for fear it may grow. I use CBD cannabis oil to manage chronic pain and am tempted to share it with my girl. I may apply it topically and see if it helps.

  3. Hi, if I may comment on this. I have a 28 year old gray thoroughbred Gelding that I currently have the same issue with. He has sarcoids down the base of his tail, on his penis and covering his rectum. In researching arthritis medications for my dog, I ran across information on the CBD oil stating that it is also known to inhibit the growth of tumors and I thought, well hmm, I wonder if it would work on my horses sarcoids? I have my Vet keep a close eye on them however I'm at the same point in where if they grow any larger they could inhibit his bowl movements and cause me to have to put him down. They also ooze the black tar substance that you're describing which my Vet told me was melanoma. I opted out of the laser surgery to have them removed because I don't want to put him through this at 28 nor do I think he deserves to be put thru this at his age. It would traumatize him & the Vet tells me they'd have to be cleaned & bandaged 4 times a day, Wow! Plus the surgery offers no guarantees and they could return with a vengeance!

    When the sarcoids have swelled to where they have caused him significant amounts of pain, I've gone out & held warm cloths on them and found that using a mixture of baking soda mixed into a paste with a little water, has caused them to deflate & heal so I just wanted to pass that along. I only put them on the tumors that are leaking, externally. Baking soda is known to change the Ph factor in cancer cells and cancer cells can't live in baking soda.It does seem to make them go away so I just wanted to pass that on to you. Baking soda also has drawing agents & is kind of like a Poultice so that doesn't hurt either. I'd mentioned to my Vet that I was doing this & he said well I can't honestly say that it works but it certainly won't hurt! I had also tried using the Chinese herbs as well & I honestly can't say whether that held them at bay, it seemed to but without measuring their size from the start I can't really tell but he eventually turned his nose up at the herbs so I was no longer able to use those. I'm currently using the Cimetidine, per my Veterinarian's recommendation, to hold the tumors at bay. So far this seems to be helping since I haven't noticed any new ones. I'd also asked him about the Oncept vaccine which they already have on the market for dogs but are still studying the effectiveness on equines. The Oncept vaccine seems to be yielding positive results however I'm sure that it also depends on the size of the tumors. It seems both Tori's tumors and my geldings tumors seem to be about the same size so the positive result from Oncept would be that they would not grow any further tumors nor would the existing tumors get any larger in size but as far as getting rid of them goes, that may not be possible since Tori's and my geldings tumors are so advanced and large in size. My Vet told me that he could probably get the Oncept for me if I wanted to pursue it but the cost would start at around $4500 and go up from there. Unfortunately, I cannot afford that but if I could I would certainly try it!

    I did enjoy your information and video on your CBD oil findings, it gives me food for thought! My boy is my baby and I'd do anything to help him to feel better and live longer. Currently at 28 he's not sore and still runs around like a 2 year old! I'd like to have him around for as long as possible hence the reason I research & read everything I can on this! I wish they'd find a cure for it! Anyway, thank you for the information and hang in there, that seems to be all we can do for now!

  4. My mare wilk be dying of melanomas soon.Unfortunately,cannabis oil is not avaliable since it's still illegal in Germany.Thanks government for letting my horse die.

  5. Thank you so much for this video, you did such a good job in documenting this in such a good way with photo's etc. very helpful, I hope she is still doing ok.

  6. Mysticpasos thanks for sharing you and your horses journey using CBD Oil. I use it myself for the health benefits as well for my pets. Have you tried Hempworx? If you'd like to try a safe, organic and natural product feel free to check out my link:

    Glad to see Tori is doing much better!! 🙂 Happy trails!

  7. Thank you for posting this video. My mare has melanomas too, I’m interested in trying the cannabis oil. What brand did you use? And what concentration?

  8. I noticed one melanoma under my horse's tail a couple of years ago, that seemed to be slowly growing to about the size of half a dime.  Having my bodyworker concoct a special homeopathic remedy to take internally has made it reduce in size by half.  However, I was more concerned about possible tumors inside, so rather than applying CBD oil externally, I decided to give this as a daily preventative–my local supplier recommended a single drop twice a day.  Perhaps the combination of both remedies will help to keep them at bay.  The CBD oil should be a good preventative for anything else that might be brewing inside.

  9. I noticed that there are many tumors on her tail as well. Were you able to treat these as well? Mthx, sharon

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