1. Does anyone know were I can get in touch of a weed selling guy in comanche tx or Dublin tx or stphenvill tx if so plz let me know

  2. Super interesting to see this stuff behind the scenes. Haven't really seen a video like this for a testing lab so it's super unique and informative!

  3. Love it. Hey you should investigate a drug testing lab next. I’ve always wondered how they can find out if I smoked weed from my pee.

  4. I'm gonna find out more info about ours here in Portland because I've always wanted to get what I've grown for myself checked u know. Thanks for taking us along

  5. Too cool damn you guys have so much fun I want to be there so bad and I could be there but I don't have a place to stay when I get there 😉 😂 positive vibes stay high

  6. Wow.its amazing, they really are going above and beyond for there product. To really make sure that the cannabis products are actually safe and clean for human consumption.

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