Top Ten Kitchen Essentials for a Traditional Foods Kitchen- Minimalist Kitchen Essentials List

To cook real food daily, you’re going to need a few key items. Here are my top ten kitchen essentials for a traditional foods kitchen. Shop my Top 10 Kitchen Essentials Hamilton Beach 14-Cup…


  1. Hey everyone! Hope you found this video helpful. 🙂 The links for all my favs are linked above in the description. Be sure to leave any items that I left out in the comments!

  2. I am very interested in making peanut butter at home. Would that kind of blender be fit for such needs?

  3. It really isn’t safe to not wash your pots and pans after you have food residue on them. You can use some water and a paper towel at least…

  4. In my personal experience as an avid Corelle user from a Corelle family (my grandma still uses her multiple decade old ones), I bought the set with plates, side plates, bowls and mugs. Their newer mugs aren't made of the same light weight glass the dishes are made with and if I could go back, I would just purchase the smaller set with the plates and bowls since i ended up favoring my larger, sentimental ceramic mugs over the Corelle mugs. Also the patterning tends to come off over decades of use and machine washing; just a note.

  5. I have a question (love your vids!) – what kind of glass storage jar for lasagna noodles?

  6. I love my Corelle also. I still have a few pieces from when I first got married over 40 years ago. Just bought myself a new set a couple of years ago. So many choices available now.

  7. My essentials are mason jars, IP, wax wraps, and blender. Wouldn’t be happy without those.

  8. I set up my first "grown up" home some 30 years ago. I bought a set of good quality, heavy–bottomed stainless steel pots. They were expensive; I had to save up to buy each one, but I have been using them every day since and they still look brand new. They are a joy to cook with and I know I'll never have to replace them for as long as I live. Now that's sustainable!

  9. Holy cannolis! Boy am I late to the game. You use mason jars with your Oster blender?! Freakin’ brilliant.

  10. I was thinking of buying cute plates but thank you because they would just break. Time for thrifting. Love the idea!

  11. I hate that my kids have plastics plates, I run a daycare and I reluctantly bought a stash of plastic plates on sale from target, while they looked great in the beginning they quickly became an eye sore. I have always preferred anything but plastics. I love the corral idea. I love an excuse to thrift shop as well! Thank u! Can I ask what u use for the kids for utensils, just regular adult stuff or have you found a alternative that works better for your children?

  12. Just discovered your channel, it is so informative! I enjoy your videos a lot!
    Do you have a video on how you make your kefir and other fermented products??

  13. I have all those things, except I have the Vitamix and no Corelle. I'm a bit picky about my dinner ware. Read: spoiled. We can't live without our taster oven, especially with 7 kids. Toast, reheat leftovers, etc.

  14. Glass gallon jugs from Sam's Club, the ones that pickles come in. So cheap! Im using one as a kombucha hotel now.

  15. my fav. storage is a gallon glasslock storage container for soup etc for the frig. it is rectangular and has a handle on the lid. it fits perfectly in the frig. I gave one to my sister and one to my niece telling them this is my favorite bowl. immediately they said "favorite bowl??" later they said "I love that thing!"

  16. i love mason jars and i have started to reuse and buy only glass containers. it makes more sense in the long run and reduces the amount of plastic consumption. one small step. 🙂

  17. My Japanese vegetable cutting knife is an absolute must have. It cuts through vegetables wonderfully. I have some cutco knives as well but nothing compares to my vegetable knife.

  18. We started with pretty ceramic plates too and they chipped like crazy and would get burning hot in the microwave. Switched to Corelle and love them but I dropped the apple butter on one while making toast and the tiny shards were EVERYWHERE! I have dropped them with no brakes but i hit that one just wrong and it was awful!

  19. Corelle is the best. In over 18 years of use, only one was broken- by an older child who intentionally threw it on the floor in a fit.

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