Top 4 FARM BILL CBD Stocks that will hit $25-$50 – Patience-THE SCOOP PREDICTION – Mickey Dee

The Farm Bill is a game changer!! As the MJ market becomes a stock pickers market only those companies well positioned and well financed will survive.


  1. I can tell the wisdom you have earned over your lifetime just from this one <10 min video .

    Definitely subscribed and looking forward to browsing your channel.

    Thankyou sir

  2. Excellent video.
    I found you by accident or so I thought.


    I seen in the comments you mentioned the management of companies hurting them and you are absolutely correct and I really have no clue why or whom is managing but a perfect example is a company that currently is not on the market but I deal with them personally and I can tell you that they almost have an attitude like YOU ARE BUYING FROM US AND WE WILL DO IT OUR WAY, almost makes me think of the millennial joke videos where the employees don’t start work until around 1030 and then stay in their comfort zone the entire time because that’s when they’re the most productive in their minds.

    What a joke.
    They have awesome products and actually a lot better than the local cbd retail shops in my home state but they will NOT address the problems they are having processing and shipping.

    I believe if you can take an order and deliver it ASAP that would please the
    “out of state “ or even in state customer almost as much as the product it’s self.

    I have explained this and the response was ( we are very busy here with all the orders THATS WHY OUR SITE STATES ATLEAST 2Days processing) and (WE CANT CONTROL SHIPPING)

    Sounds like laziness and GREED to me.
    Hire more people ?

    As a floor covering installer I started out making a fair wage to get my name and quality out there and believed that if you try to get rich off one job or sale you would probably HAVE to do that as you probably won’t have as much work to just take a bit of profit from.

    Would you rather try to sell over priced fruit next to competitors and hope for the day or make enough fairly to grow the business to where you are the trusted name.

    I know this may seem like it doesn’t belong on a stock video but it has been my experience with CBDistillery and I’d almost like to go to Colorado and have a sit down with them.

  3. i bought your books btw. and gave you a great review on Amazon. a well deserved great review

  4. I like these pics. Just got 1k cvsi shares. Cvs pharmacy and Walgreens will be stocking cbd. Now Walmart partnering with nbev. So your prediction are coming true. Keep giving us some updates.

  5. I had "BUDZ" from trying to buy Canopy…..but I was there when they first come out on the US-OTC and tried to buy them but it turned out to be over $35 before I could buy them at all and decided that I wouldn't go for it since I could have afforded maybe 8 shares… I remember going down to OneLove dispensary that morning to spend some of the money I would have tied up in CGC and complaining to them about Canadians being able to buy them at so cheap a price… Also I feel like "BUDZ" was a ticker that they started to capitalize on the Americans…
    I have bought about 100 CNPOF however and I hope to get quite a few more shares in the next year or two…

  6. so about the medical part only there is a bio company called INMED in canada been buying and selling them for 3 years now. if they get patent on there machine exracting . it could go big.

  7. Hey by the way, another question if you don't mind, when do you expect these stocks to boom (10-20bagger levet boom), 2019,2020, later?

  8. Damn my friend, I came across this video by mistake,but seeing ur replies to the comments below and the video, you seem to really know ur stuff… Need too put my hands on one of these books of urs 😀

    You still think the whole "Green Rush" is at the beggining? Many say it's bubble burst time (10+Bln stocks with 500+ P/E ratios etc)

  9. Remember this man 5 years down the line, send him some money when you hit the high you'll be riding when you invest into these now.

  10. CVSI CBD products are half the price of Charlottes Web and CV Sciences is a better product. CVSI will be a $50 stock soon.

  11. Thanks for your shout out Handy Man. There are several penny and sub penny stocks in my books. These stocks are very risky. Do your DD. Thanks for your support. Have a great 2019.

  12. I been listening to you for awhile But we need penny stocks under a penny. So we can afford these 1$ and 5$ stocks later. These prices are too high

  13. Hey Cedric, thanks for the shout out. MJNA can make you money short term if you get in and out. I do not like their share structure, 3.4B s/o, heavy debt, bleeding from the head down. With that said, I do not think this is a tier 1 company yet. The revenue is picking up. Keep your eye on them. Do your DD. They do have potential !

  14. Hey Mickey Dee. Saw that you are into CBD Stocks and I am a little new to the industry. How do you feel about CBDD stock if you have heard about it? it seems to be the most recent booming CBD stock and I was wondering if this new farm bill passage will allow stocks like CBDD and other cbd/hemp stocks to thrive soon? thank you for your information!

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