1. This is so funny! So you guys test all these lights, spent your time, made a video and uploaded it, and now you are trying to say that you have no benefits of making this video???

  2. How does this list differ, exactly? All top 10 lists conveniently only mention brands and items thry directly stock and sell 🙄😂

  3. Spydr 2P is probably one of the best right now. Not only is the ppfd and efficiency top notch but the driver can be mounted away from the fixture on custom order.

  4. I would like to see results, not just basing it off the stats….Do you grow with these at all?

  5. You past LED grow light videos I have questioned you on judgment. BUT this video is on point. Very truthful and straight forward. Respect Given. ✊


  7. I have to complain. Don't use terms like power draw and compared to HPS on every light. That might have been relevant 10 years ago. The key element in the light is what chip is used/how much of it and how well the light is spread.

  8. God anything for the more… semi-casual grower? Like not a cheap $13 light from amazon but not a $1000-$2000 professional light for commercial use.

  9. What about Prowgrotech LED lights? Out of all LED grow lights that I've seen those are the best quality full spectrum ones that allow for spectrum control and offer light recipes on their website.

  10. My first indoor grow I bought the ES300s I was trying to find a light with full coverage of a 4×4 area. Seen so many including the ones on this list and some not like the fluence lights. I like the fact that I could remove one light from the area as opposed to a next light where it’s a full 4×4 panel u cant remove just half the light. My first grow I didn’t use the full grow space as I’m just learning to grow indoors but for most people I can see them asking y I dnt use the Maximum space because most people want weight. I am now using my the Maximum grow space in my tent but if I decide to grow less plants I can turn one light off as opposed to other large panel lights. I like versatility. I bought 4 light and it’s was close to $2k. I bought when they were cheaper now they’re like $7-800 a light which is ridiculous I would not have bought at that price I probably would’ve went with a large all in one panel for $8-900. 4 ES300s today will cost about $3k. U can buy next light or HLGs for $900 each so about $2k for two lights in my 4×8 area. If your trying to save money the ES300s isn’t it but if price doesn’t matter and u want versatility to move lights around I like the electric sky’s. People want wat they want wether it’s expensive or not.

  11. Called and this guy was very nice and helpful put up with my dumb questions and never made me feel like I was wasting his time when I do have the money to step up to the better quality lights ill definitely call him first

  12. Why is Black dog led and California lightworks on this list . There new products can’t match 2016 technology ?

  13. По-английски кто шарит? Че говорят? Какой лучше, цена качество?

  14. 11:30 In what way does it replace a 1000 Watt HPS?! In Penetration , overall yield? I suspect neither. I supect a 600W HPS would yield the same or more.

  15. What about putting a price on each light to compare from the £20 Chinese eBay led that last longer to ship than they work

  16. All your choices are not proven, the fluence is the best and proven for $1000 , why would I buy your choices while only saving $100?

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