Tommy Chong Celebrates Legal Canadian Cannabis With A Party

Please watch our newest episode: “Central Oregon Cannabis Growing – Growing Exposed Season 2 Episode 8” …


  1. Canada is still working towards proper legalization.
    What we have now is a monopolization but its a start

  2. Sorry to say, Uruguay beat us to it ages ago…
    But sure are happy for it to be finally legal!

  3. Wilcox said it best. This is just the start of legalization. Many kinks to straighten out in the coming years

  4. This channel is slacking hard with the content – I'm bout another week until I unsub this bitch.

  5. How's 40yrs and waiting still waiting, now Canada enjoy her, don't abuse her she as a great defence through her genetic history. Be safe be squared and great victory.

  6. Its good to see the famous people and all the stars coming to pay their respects to the unknown playa's in the game who put all the hard work and stayed true to what we love and know is life changing for everybody! Keep smokin!!!

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