Tip Pot Harvest and Review

Had a little fun with this one friends. Hope you enjoy it. I wish the buds were as great as the time I had putting this all together. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s …


  1. You are a beast pigeons. You really are teaching a new generation of legalized cannabis users how to grow affordable high quality bud 🙏🐐🐐

  2. Started my first grow my girl is growing great thanks too you and your wonderful tutorials!! Much love

  3. Hey bro how can I send u a shirt with my brand name on it. Love ya channel learned a lot from u bro and a guy I know was the guy that sent u that drawing of the pigeons420. He moved and can’t get in contact with him yet . So let me know bro

  4. I just run stakes in a straight line and pull the plant down as it grows.. your canopy fills in nicely when super cropped..

  5. I agree pigeons.. there is definitely a place for it..im a scrog guy but i still think its a good idea for certain growing situations.. peace bro..✌️

  6. Nice. I bet this product and concept would work well with other plants as well, tomatoes, grapes maybe etc. But great content brother, I really enjoyed it

  7. Thank you for all of the time and effert you put in. I am a very new at growing my own meds. Take care

  8. After seeing your first video with the tip pot I immediately made one myself for a Thai landrace I was trying to hold on to. Awesome thing but sadly in the end it took up so much space in the 5×5 that I had to chop it up and throw it out sad I know but the tip pot is awesome and will definitely do it again in the future but plan a little better

  9. Do you have to trim first before you wash your bud? I always get not that good of taste doing wer trim I always do dry trim now. But all of your videos I see you do wet trim. This is super important for me to find out, Thank You!

  10. Hey pigeons, what about that weight on top of the pot that you had to implement to keep it horizontally and not falling over?

  11. Have you ever used the C-vault and how did it work for you? Im getting mixed info on how to properly use it.. would you mind helping out??

  12. Great first run Pigeons using the TipPot! Find the right pheno and grow her as a mom. Tip your moms!!! TipPots are ideal for growing your mothers it creates TONS of cutting sites and they stay neat and healthy with the compact canopy. Cheers to your awesome grow video! Thanks for giving TipPot a chance! Let us know if you need anything.

  13. Dam brother u knocked that grow out the park congrats. Did u do a dry weight yet or are they still drying?? But yea man those buds looked fat as hell. How was the quality did it produce a good amount of trichomes?

  14. piggi man the tip pot is g as hell man. its pretty crazy when i first saw this i stared started searching online to find other types and i found none but your design was so flawless it looks like something people have been using for years man. super fire

  15. Pigeons brother.
    Next time bring us through the defoliant and updates.
    I know you’ve been busy buddy but that all would have been nice to see.

  16. Not meaning to be rude to the top pot but,
    They do realize we can just train our plants early to grow horizontally with the pot sitting upright by just fencing it sideways.

  17. hey great video man , i like this new format of recording yourself and how you structure the video , cheers!

  18. Wow never seen this before. Idea executed perfectly! I will definitely try this out, perhaps a indica dominant plant

  19. I just supercropped and then put scrog over pretty much same thing just scrog can be annoying. But looks great! Awesome job!

  20. Thats what great growings all about. The Neatest grow opp I've ever seen! Loved watching her grew up and her colas looked Amazing!

  21. one of your best vids imo Bro, i feel your energy, your positive mood! Amazing! Uplifting and great edit 🙂

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