Tic Attack|Before and After CBD Oil

Teenager with autism in the midst of a very bad “tic attack”. Regular medication for tics was given around 2 hours prior to CBD oil. CBD oil stopped tics within …


  1. Just a suggestion but I have a neurological disorder and insomnia and I have gone to calming sounds for insomnia and noticed that they have calming sounds for Tourette syndrome and autism. It really has made a huge difference for me

  2. A one part THC to one part CBD oil will produce even more startling improvement. Insist the herb is legalized and decriminalized for the benefit of all. The reason why THC in particular is still schedule 1 is because it works for many illnesses and conditions, most of which are created by the poisons being introduced in the food chain and consequently are in everything we eat, breath or drink. The big pharma remedies are designed to drain one of all their wealth and slowly kill the patient with the messenger. I am so angry that these inflicted problems are affecting so many people and at a younger and younger age. Prohibition of these herbs is a crime against humanity. 'They' got away with killing people for years in tobacco industry. How long will the poisoning go on before we get off our asses and do something about it. Our food should be marked Organic with out stabilizers and the other non organic foods should be labelled 'Chemically grown containing identified chemicals used including pesticides and herbicides and any other man made additives that are considered harmful.

  3. God bless you😭😇🙏 i have epilespy hopefully cbd oil can help me with my condition too?

  4. Just came across your video. I am also the mom of a son with severe autism, my son is 22 yrs old. Praying the very best for you, and your son.

  5. In some cases you need THC as well great to see cannabis working. It has helped me for decades.

  6. I was more upset about the calm down part, hes going through involuntary movements and she told the boy to calm down like he can control his actions at that moment

  7. CBD's are absolutely amazing! So glad you are brave enough to advocate for your son and give him a little peace. Bless your family 🙏❤️

  8. And all these people giving away their money to big companies drugging our next generation. Fda is a pos!

  9. thank you for sharing, for parents like me who have a child who is moderate to sever asd, seeing these videos help us learn to help our children. thank you again.

  10. We review legal CBD cannabis products and I've seen some amazing results in both people and animals.

  11. I suffer with depression and anxiety, God I hope I don't upset anyone, but the oil does give you an instant feel better but I felt so not myself and I didn't like it….. tremors, poor baby. I recall my worst night like2or3weeks ago. Tremors for at least 6hours was my longest bout….not good at all. God bless his soul 😘

  12. Makes me realize how blessed I am to have 4 healthy children. I take that for granted way too much.

  13. If it calmed him down why was he rapidly moving his head constantly from left to right or am I missing something here? I hope he eventually gets cured.

  14. I'm smoke weed every day my brain work ok, wher's my samich you better not eat my samich.
    And the world should do the same, weed rules!!

  15. Poor guy, they really need to legally leave this stuff alone, I've seen it bring kids out of seizure and everything.

  16. Some seizures can be caused by a persons inability to flush excess proteins and sulfur out of their system making them build up to harmful levels. Try taking eggs and all cruciferous vegetables out of his diet for a month.


  18. I hope someday he finds full relief and with it full peace to enjoy his life , that broke my heart to see i kept thinking about when i was around his age and all i could do that i took for granted , i love the blanket too im also a fan of monsters inc i have to admit 😂

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