This Happens In Your Body When You Start Using CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation & more

CBD Oil is the new popular natural remedy for various common illnesses. CBD or cannabidiol is one of 104 chemical compounds found in cannabis. Which can …


  1. 👉 Scientific References
    [1] Can Relieve Pain:
    [2] Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety:
    [3] CBD anti-Inflammatory effects:
    [4] CBD as Potential anti cancer drug:
    [5] Anti-Obesity Effect:
    [6] Cardiovascular effect:
    [7] Potential Anti Cancer Effect:
    [8] Anti Acne Effect:
    👉 General Precautions:
    [1] People with major health conditions & on medications always consult your physician before starting any dietary supplement.
    [2] Pregnant females and lactating mothers are not suggested to take any dietary supplement without physicians consent. Always consult your doctor first.

  2. The only reason they want to ban it is because it does good for you they want you in the hospitals….stock up

  3. I need to know the best one to take cause I want to make sure if I get drug tested I'll be ok

  4. I tried pure CBD oil at a high dosage for several weeks in hope of getting off my current pain medication for chronic pain due to spinal arthritis. Also hoping it would help me sleep. It vcd worked on neither for me. Might as well have taken a placebo.

  5. Science Also Said That Blackseed Oil Is Good For Over All Body As Well. SO WHICH ONE IS BETTER?

  6. Can CBD help bipolar disorder? I’ve been medicated for 7 years, I wanna talk to my shrink so I can alternate CDB with my meds

  7. I’m trying it for PHN nerve pain after shingles. I’m taking (500 strength) 15 drops up to 4 times a day. It works to take the edge off the pain.

  8. I took this oil an hour ago. I'm feel so relaxed. My brain is not crazy woman racing lol. I dont know… its amazing im going to try it tomorrow to see if it's real again. I feel amazing ….but within an hour??? Hmmm.

  9. How many of you yelled at your kids for smoking weed? Now it's okay? Yall get real! Smoke weed as much as possible your feeding your fat gut, feed your dumb mind. Stoners are healthier and have always known "the cure" we were just conspiracy theory? 7 years ago half of you here now probaly pushed yo keep it illegal now that it can help your soulless body it's all good? Go fuck yourselves use the plant at its full potential. You thought you had relief from pain with cbd, try the whole thing, because cbd is a scam it takes thc and cbd to relieve pain. And more importantly makes for a better day. Hypocrites bow down. We always knew the cure. They told you not to smoke and you listened. Idiots. So enjoy your cancer. 5g has alot of it.

  10. So what kind of CBD oil do I have to get for pain and fatigue and also is it different CBD oils for different things because I have boughten a couple of bottles of CBD oil and have took in them and I have seen no difference so can you please let me know what it is that I'm doing wrong thank you in advance

  11. Medical marijuana is dangerous. This is just a sample of helping it get legal. Think about it. CBd came along and then now they got legal medical weed, but when you smoke it the high you experience is nothing like the OG. When has anything legal been good for you think about it. . They always say weed be telling you when evil lerks?

  12. I have seen info on the net that CBD oil can raise the pressure in your eyes that can cause glaucoma but I have read that if you smoke pot it will reduce the pressure so what is true.

  13. I honestly can't say cbd does all of these benefits. ive been taking cbd oil for a month and the only thing i notice is burping the taste out. the first time i tried it i instantly noticed visuals of colorful stacks of tiny blocks on the walls for a few seconds and never happened again.. cbd still needs extensive research being new still, not just possible long term effects but if these benefits are consistent throughout years and years of research are accurate. i still think aspirin and ibuprofen does a better job for pain relief

  14. Cbd oil work for about 10 minutes on pain it does not work for anxiety insomnia and depression don't waste your money. It's not even government regulated regulated so false advertising.

  15. I’ve been taking cannabis oil for just over a month, for, severe depression and anxiety, an ptsd and I’ve noticed a big difference I feel so much better in myself I can’t wait for a years time to see where I’m at in life…..

  16. I have anxiety and PTSD thoughts race through my head I find Metallica peaceful doubt any oil is gonna fix my mind

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