1. OMG… yea I’m late, and I slept on this young man, well damn, just when you think you’ve heard it all! This Brother right here is something dangerous, and we must cover him! Brother Lance since finding you and my Sisters channel has sealed the deal in connecting with the family that I’ve searched for since I was 12 years old, at the age of 12 is when my parents sat me down and told me that I was different from my 4 siblings, I didn’t understand them then, I thought that something was wrong with me, I knew I was different because I was a sick child, stayed in the hospital, with a heart condition, but that’s not what they meant when they said I was different! And today I’m so grateful that I’m different, it sets me apart, but since finding you guys I will never ever be the same, and that’s what’s up! I’m not alone anymore on this journey❤️

  2. I can’t say it enough!!!! Fuckin A1 show!!!! One of the most educated persons I have ever listened to in my life!!!! An his information flows like water over rocks,,, not any “ know what I’m sayin,,, you feel me,, I’m sayin though “. Well prepared speaker!!!! It’s EASIER for me to listen to him over Dr. Ben or Dr. Clark.. great vid I gotta listen again…

  3. LANCE!!!! This what the fuck you call a show!!!! Too much I had to pull away and take it hour by hour especially three hours 40 minutes OMG!!! I need more of this

  4. This is what you call an educational show!!! A1!!!!! Compare this to that hallah shit!!!,,, it don’t…. thanks for this show… I understand eating live but all of us need can goods and firearms!!!!! ALL OF US….

  5. Lance God bless you for bringing these type of information and knowledge from our brothers and sisters..

  6. Colloidal Silver is the truth! I've been using Colloidal Silver for healing purposes in the last 5 years. And yes; I use it on my dog to cure her respiratory infections common for her bred. I use it both externally and internally and it has never disappointed.

  7. Lots of love to the GBF. Lance I wish I could meet you. Love you & the work you are doing. I feel that compulsion too to do something to help my people. One day I'l progress from feeling to doing. I'm sure of it.

  8. In Nazi occupied Eastern Europe, there was the Judenrat & Jewish policemen. There were Jewish kapos in concentration camps.

  9. Black policemen can be & are oftentimes harsher than Caucasian policemen. Just like during World War 2 in Nazi run Poland & Eastern Europe, the Jewish police were the most ruthless towards their fellow Jews. They want to prove themselves to their oppressors. Study history & OBSERVE the environment!

  10. Of course, poverty causes crime. That is obvious. Poor whites committed crimes when they came to America. The Irish, Italians, & Jews when they came to America formed gangs & indulged in crimes because they were impoverished. As they progressed socioeconomically, crime was reduced. Look at the Latino gangs who are poor, they live in high crime areas. It is not only poor Blacks in America but poor people period. Hell's Kitchen was always known as a high crime area- there is a predominant population of poor whites there. There are upscale Black neighborhoods where there is NO CRIME. Crime isn't endemic to poor Blacks but to poor people regardless of race & ethnicity. Even the Chinese communities had gangs who commit crimes because of poverty. People, read history & sociology books. Poor communities are hotbeds of crime.

  11. America's karma is high. What the so-called terrorists are doing to America is karmic payback for what America did to Black & Native peoples. America is going to be PUNISHED HEAVILY for what they have done to Blacks regarding enslavement & discrimination. When Blacks become aware, there is going to be RETRIBUTION.

  12. Check out the old popeye n other original cartoons, u will see many that are very racist.. there is a cartoon w popeye dancing with the original black Betty boop (baby ester). The white Betty boops are copies of the black one….There are also many racist nigger jokes online that will almost blow your mind. They show how white people really feel about us…look at the old nigger commercials n products they had on the market back in the 1920s n 30s, 40s etc…… They would open a lot of eyes, n minds … just google it….. Marsha.

  13. Lance, Ur shows are the greatest…..my phone was messed up for a while. I couldn't comment right. .now I'm back….. Marsha.

  14. Everybody is talking but no boots on the ground the people got see you out there holding the line 🌍✊😐

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