1. If we thought it was difficult to openly enjoy Gods gift to us before, wait till all these pharmaceutical company's get a firm grip on it. The cost and law will rape us all.

  2. The fact that Weed has been kept illegal for soo long and still is mostly illegal tells you a lot about our governments. They keep the poison legal (Ciggy's, alcohol, opioids) but weed illegal PROVES they don't always have our best interests in mind. Remove the rose tinted glasses and look closer. Mark Passio is a GREAT place to start looking!

  3. Personally , I don't like when PHARMA starts playing GOD , leave the PLANT be in it's natural state…PHARMA is all about making money , NOT our health!!!

  4. This guy look cool and bold but he has no idea about the situation with CBD oil. He is naive and his talking is outdated. CBD oil derived from Marijuana is highly expensive and sold as prescription drug. It's so difficult to get a permission from physician to buy CBD. It's not a big market today. Moreover in countries like Canada Health Ministry, that is guided ( and ruled) by Big Pharma, issued so many rules and regulation regarding CBD oil producers that many companies can not survive and flourish. CBD oil is not a cocaine or rat poison but authorities with no reason made so many artificial problems around this simple weed…. Another thing that today CBD oil is largely produced from industrial hemp. High quality, full spectrum organic Hemp CBD. It's such a big competitor to CBD oil produced from marijuana . The healing capacity and concentration of such oil is just perfect and not less than cannabis oil.

  5. I'm sure the U.S. will want to ban most of this like usual same way we cant invest in i.c.o.'s

  6. Its cbd …. cbd aint shit anyway without all the other compounds… these guys are proper dickheads… id rather have afghan as she is the best medicine on the planet.. give them the cbd and ill keep with the skunk haze and afghan…

  7. All the good it can do, remember it does mess with the reward system in your brain. Nothing in this world is free, yet in modern society so much is, and we accumulate metaphoric debt when we choice the easy path to feel good. I still smoke, but I don't pretend it's this harmless perfect plant that solves every problem like so many do.

  8. Sorry but Pharma companies, hands off my cannabis!! Not only is isolating certain cannabinoids useless, because they all work in synchronicity together, but I would never take synthetic crap. Sun grown organic cannabis for me. ☀️💚
    In me the CBD without the THC didn’t do much for my autoimmune disease and getting over methotrexate….But proper cannabis oil was miraculous!

  9. Weed is awesome 👌 always has been, it's a shame these morons hurass people for it, learn about purslane as well u may have some in your Yard.

  10. Finding a way? I have feeling their way n that way is going to be ,like the super market, ADDING STUFF! smh

  11. Marijuana and education dont get along well you have to choose one and leave the other nothing special about this plant

  12. Brian, when you said you had anger issues, it resonated with me. Thank you for being truthful, it helps people like me realise its okay to be open with your battles.

  13. Highly concentrated and rich THC & CBD (& all other minor cannabinoids) from sedative indica strains Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is the biggest secret of cannabis, end of story

  14. oh, thank god we have all these different chemicals in marijuana plants so we can synthesize them and sell them to the masses…..great job telling the masses that………..dude…….with the shaved bald head….im enthused!!!!! capitalsim at work

  15. That anger comes from the government and the USA government Mind control that is manipulating the public, I get it also. The anger that is needed, is ment to destroy any or all of the spiritual energy you have been blessed with, Gang stalking is popular with the hidden members of your society, mainly City council members and most of the business class.

  16. I say legalize it and only allow women to profit off the revenue. That would probably solve your gender wage gap and some. I'm from Texas and I smoke the right amount of marijuana to realize the future potential benefits. 🦄💃

  17. Why isolate individual cannabinoids?!? Tentacles of the pharmaceutical complex. Capitalism. It’s about balance, not isolates. Live a wholistic, balanced lifestyle and grow it in your kitchen or your patio. Make your own oils.

  18. 5:00 yea its called being in dept and working jobs they don't like, its called being a slave. What you suggest is just another way to keep them under the spell so they can continue making money for you and others like you. It doesn't solve the problem ie society, reality doesnt play nice and requires fixing.

  19. This is all lies federal government says it’s a schedule 1 drug meaning it has no Medical value and if you have this dangerous plant they will put you in a cage! They made this law so I’m sure they did all the studies years ago!

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