1. Medical marijuana is 1 thing, but when these same people, or people who simply bought marijuana to get high, get behind a wheel of a car and kill someone because they were too fucking high to know how to stop their car, it’s a big problem. People that think smoking pot don’t make you high or impaired are just ignorant. Maybe medical marijuana is different with THC taken out of it, but some most smoke pot and get high that buy it. Just saying there needs to be a bill past in USA keeping people high on weed from driving at all. They already have those breath testing thing for drunks to breathe into before the car will start, need same with pot. More and more people are killing people being the wheel because they are fucking high. Would you want to put your own kid on a school bus if the driver was high on weed? Exactly..

  2. You're forgetting the entire industry that keeps pillbillies in a stupor. Mary Jane will put a lot of those pharma companies in the poor house because they don't have a superior alternative to pain management, just a more toxic and far more expensive one.

    I personally have no use for weed, but I know two people whose lives have benefited from its use. God knows how to make the best medicines, eh? They grow like, well, weeds.

  3. Safe-ish treatment lol what's not safe about it all these people that are ignorant about cannabis let me ask you this do you drink beer/Sprite at least I can still function on cannabis and I've yet to see documented anger because of weed lol ain't never heard of weed overdose lol. Canada rocks legal across the country.

  4. Is there anyway that cannabis can smell sweeter or better.
    I ask because I don't do it and UNDERSTAND it helps those in need but for those who just smoke it to get HIGH please understand there are those of us who can't stand the smell or worse because a neighbor smokes pot all the time it flows through the vents and gets into my clothes.
    Note if you have a job that requires drug testing YOU ARE KILLING US.
    First it flows through the vents an I gotta breath in that crap, second it gets into our clothes.
    It would be so super cool if cannabis didn't smell like a dirty butt hole

  5. ✊✊✊ conservative and constitutionalist for the legalization and Reformation of the right to cannabis as our right for us to use as we please✊✊✊it's our God given right✝️

  6. “All this commercial does is add hormones to any heterosexual or bisexual male’s genital areas.” This channel is gold

  7. Cam Newton, when not injured and not behind a sh$tty line and not playing with receivers that only physiologically have hands, is plenty accurate, thank you. He's not Peyton Manning, but then only one guy actually is.

  8. It's funny during the day.. how many opioid and who know's what other prescription commercials run on tv smh..and they're worried about something as simple as cannabis?? SMH the world will end soon lol

  9. Ironically, I always found the combo platter of mid-grade fast food and blazing hot supermodels to be borderline nauseating.

  10. I’m not into the recreational shit but I’m all for medical use. The real reason it isn’t legal at the federal level is there’s too much money involved in big pharmaceuticals. They want the population to stay hooked on opioids

  11. Perna, my appoligies for being too serious. But as I stated my trigger point is when the joke affects my family.. . Therefore, I will make an effort to never bother you or your following ever again.

    Ive deleted all responses.

  12. They are babbies they have these stupid beer commercials yet won't allow this cannabis ad which is informatinal.

  13. Politics with their other advertisers,pharma and alcohol companies, probably had something to do with the decision.Those industries are a little concerned about encroachment by cannabis into their domain.That is why Constellation Brands have $4bil in Canopy.

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