The Reality of Legal Weed and Crime Increases

There has been a lot of news lately about increasing crime in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Crime is rising in some of these states, but …


  1. But most of these crimes are probably smuggling weed over the border. Legalizing weed in 2 states but banning it everywhere else just creates an increase and dealers.

  2. The author of this video is a clear advocate for weed. After this crap was legalized in my state the crime rate jumped up.

  3. Californian here: anecdotally, "driving while high" and "driving while stoned" is a serious problem …I don't know about fatalities but I do know plenty of preventable, not-insignificant damage to cars, property, and people! Perhaps those who are having these accidents are crap at driving in the first place — but more likely that it makes them impared beyond what is safe

  4. Only effect I see if more empty fridges and yep cigs and alcohol are way more dangerous the weed

  5. Why is it alcohol legal? It's one of the most deadliest drugs in the country, causing tens of thousands of deaths even to INNOCENT PEOPLE! So why is it legal? Marijuana on the other hand SAVES lives! It could help me with my anxiety and depression but my stupid state doesn't allow it.

  6. It always bugs me how much law and order types fetishize the breathalyzer. There's no breathalyzer for legal opioids or insomnia or Benadryl, but if any of those people get pulled over after driving dangerously they can be given a sobriety test and handled accordingly. Insisting that THC needs technology and policing infrastructure above and beyond that without any empirical evidence is tantamount to saying that you just want to do more policing than you really need to do.

  7. The idea that marijuana has any effect on people's ability to safely drive is bigoted ignorant nonsense likely based off of the juvenile and yet seemingly universal fallacy of projecting alcohol's obvious well known affect on driving onto literally every other "drug" that you're ignorant of or has a scary sounding name

  8. i use it for 35 years daily, i am 52, healthier, and much yohnger looking than you, imp, moronised by acqdemia.

  9. come here moron, i will measure your moral filthiness levels, for they seem to be very high, almost lethal.

  10. I wish the media, and Aaron and HCT, would use the term "cannabis" when trying to have a serious discussion of the topic. Using "weed," "pot," "grass," etc. seems to reveal an inherent bias towards cannabis and cannabis users.

  11. Your eyes are suspiciously red, but because you taught me the difference between correlation and causation, I will withhold judgement.

  12. Hmm. Shouldn't there be some research about this from, oh I don't know, perhaps the Netherlands? They've had legal weed for a while now. As a close neighbor here in Germany, I don't recall hearing about any bad effects apart from an increase in drug-related tourism. I believe it's lead to an increase of people here not quite seeing the point in criminalization.

  13. "anecdotes can make for compelling cases, but they don't necessarily lead to thoughtful outcomes."

    I love this quote.

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