The Price of Weed in 2019

Today we have an educational discussion video about what’s going on with prices in the uk in 2019. Subscribe Prices in the uk are very different in 2019 …


  1. I sell a gram for £5 or 3.5 grams for £25 I think I beat most fucking cunt drug dealers like fucking 5grams of for £30 I get cheap because I grow a shit tone in my place but when I sell cocaine srooms fucking all other drugs I sell normal price like fucking few lines of coke 1grame = like fucking £50 so only good at selling weed a lota good more then the other sneaky cunt that ye pay 1grame for £10 witch ant bad g but fuck tht I sell 1grame for £5 or I sometimes do a trade like 1grame of decent hash I'll give like fucking 2grames of weed so I'm probably one of the best plugs in England at the SEK it's really the LV lights that coat a bit to run like try £130 a week just because of lights day shit ant including me being a lazy fucker watching the box all day thts just pure LV light price a week for electronic bill but I get the seeds really cheap so I get my money back and a few hundred more after.all bills I make like £400_£450 a week just for me so I just go travel England with my campa full of weed sling some and then go back home but u know if anyone lives in es reading this then text me g if I'm online then I'll sell u good price don't be like fucking 5grams £30 straight away though g u need to prove me ur not buying to sell only sell to smokrs not cunts trying to out run my business g so fuck them type of cunts so yer I'll do u a leget deal u can't refuse my gs 🤙🏻

  2. I hear Europe weed is or was garbage compared to the states. Is that the case? Have you guys legalized? I bet it’d grow great in Italy where the Vineyards are

  3. Cali import is nasty, don't even think its legit. Star Dog aswell is nasty I just stick to Amnesia Haze or Blue Cheese

  4. Do a video on what drugs you have tried please or if so please direct me where you have

  5. Your mate is getting scammed with his cali weed😂 in amsterdam i can get cali weed waaaay cheaper

  6. there is real imported weed in the UK thing is what people don't get it's it's cheaper to get the same quality as the USA but from Canadians 😂😂. never trust tins and in saying that a lot of the genetics from the USA are avalible in the UK it's also likely that the UK still import from other countries that aient USA or Canada seems everyone has forgot about the Netherlands and the hash production nations caremllo eggs anybody?

  7. NO WEED IS WORTH MORE THAN £240 a Zed. I've never paid more than £180 and that's Original Blues, OG Cheese, Amnesia Haze, Arma etc etc.
    You are talking Southern UK prices only. You all pay far too much for weed down south.

  8. The only “Cali” I can find in my area is a minimum of £70 for 3.5🙄 WTF.. is that even worth it?!

  9. HAHAHAHA WTF i get cali weed import so much cheapr bro Hhahaa cos my friends cousin works for his step dads helicopter company and he flys to calilfornia ad picks up the weed and brings it back so i usually get an once for twenty quid and thats for to shelf cali so yeah white boi u ae getting ripped off pahahaha

  10. I get some kill shit in Ohio for really cheap id hate to live in the UK you can get dank that is grown anywhere in the world you can recreate any environment in a grow room dank weed doesn't only come from cali

  11. Do people even import weed anymore here in the uk someone on every other street is growing the stuff .

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