The Perception of Marijuana in Japan (Interview)

How is marijuana viewed in Japan nowadays? I have been requested a video about that a lot. But since I felt I didn’t have enough knowledge about it, I asked …


  1. Dawg if they legalize weed they would probably have the dankest weed ever even danker than California i mean just look how big Japanese fruit is imagine with weed 😂😂

  2. walk down the streets of shinjuku at night and you can smell the taima in the air. its not like its impossible to find in japan

  3. Recreational use is fun, but medical use is vital – people that oppose the latter are reprehensible.

  4. Be careful, Japan. If you legalize weed, you'll soon attract hippies… and drum circles… so many drum circles…

  5. Personally I don’t use or need it but surely it’s way less harmful, even beneficial, than legal mind altering substances like alcohol. It’s a friggin herb and has been used traditionally.

  6. Ths God they make ligal to buy weed from mini markets etc in Greece . But even before that 90 % of the ppl have try it and 50 % still use it maybe more but I know ppl that use weed and don't smoke cigarettes ..

  7. This is bad for your society. Look how many westerners are there marching. Also people not having seen marijuana and wanting it are the most stupid there, try it at least first and then march

  8. Japanese people are OK with smoking cigarettes, which are just yuck, but not marijuana? It's like criminalizing tea but not soft drinks.

  9. With weed being legalized in multiple western countries, disorders from the usage have started to crop up…

    It is also well understood that it is a psychoactive drug that can induce hallucinations and has a permanent effect on the brain that alcohol amd tobacco do not have(mainly affecting the Liver and lungs respectfully)

    But there has been a strong pushback against the ill conceived and contrived war on drugs, to such an extent that people have been brainwashed and tricked into thinking certain drugs are wholly innocent in their effects and longterm problems are mythical.

    Further, the types of groups pushing for increased drug proliferation through acceptance and legalization are the same political entities advocating open borders(easier drug flow) and wellfare asistance(to entrap poor neighborhoods into government control for vote farming, often have massive drug issues). And what may be the most heinous bit, is that none of these policy ideas, not even legalisation, will end the gang violence or illegal drug dealing in any way, shape or form anyway.

    So decriminalizing won't fix underlying social issues, if not regulated carefully you can in fact further ruin your society with legitamized drug use, and there are personal negative side affects no one wants to talk about anymore. I don't even think, solely, that marijuana or other drugs should definitely be illegal. But in my country and the wider Western world I have seen the arguments made in favor of legalization, the dismissal of legitimate problems and the methods used to push pro drug propaganda and am disappointed by the lack of nuance and actual discussion allowed.

  10. Actually, it’s because of marijuana that I stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Thanks weed for being the smarter choice 😉

  11. Weed shud be legal everywhere. Alcohol is worse for u than weed in tons of ways yet its completely acceptable. Doesn't make sense.

  12. 2:27 many drugs prescribed by doctors are identical to street drugs almost completely minus the impurities, adderall and other ADHD meds are identical to meth and common opioid pain medications like oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone, and morphine are in the same family as heroin and just as addictive. The US. is in the middle of an opioid crisis due to big pharma and many doctors overprescribing patients and handing out these pills like candy to anyone in pain which started in the 90's. I see Cannabis legalization as a huge step in the right direction to help curb it by using it in tandem to reduce the amount of opioids needed for pain management and as an exit drug by helping manage withdrawal symptoms during recovery from addiction.

  13. Thats the only thing good about canada weed is legal now and when it wasnt it was still easy to come by and you couldnt get arrested for 4 joints we used to spome with cops too lol also once it became legal the stores ran out on dah one shows how much of pot heads canada is

  14. 大麻は依存率も幸福感も有害度も低いですよね。

  15. Colombian here, and I've been inmmersed in the illegal drug trade my homeland is sadly infamous for (I used to work with the government).
    Trust me when I tell you this: prohibition benefits the cartels more than anything.
    Every time new, stricter measures are put in place, the prices for these drugs go up, police corruption goes up, and consumption… goes up too.
    Because no matter how many consumers get beat up in the street and trown in jail, the cartel bosses, the people actually making bank out of people's suffering, are never touched.
    They actually know this.
    Last year, when news of decriminalization/legalization in several countries reached the country, prohibition went right back to mid-1980's standards (as in Pablo Escobar time's standards), reports of the "success" of LEAs in seizing marihuana were followed by leaks that revealed that policemen are selling the drugs back to the cartels right after confiscating them.
    They did this to make up for the losses overseas from legalization, it is quite obvious.

  16. I smoked weed on my 2 trips to Tokyo in 2010 and 2011. Not had problems with the police but it was the most expensive weed i've ever bought… $40 per gram.

  17. Unfortunately, in places where Cannabis is legal, 90% of the users are basically slacker bums who wear dirty rags for clothes, have no decent job, no career, no higher education, no good family life, etc. That cohort of people probably existed before legalization, but I would not want to see such an underclass form in Japan. Many people are able to use marijuana and live a normal life as part of society, the vast majority cannot, "stoner" becomes their lifelong identity. It is a good physical and psychological medication for responsible people, but it can also be a permanent escape from reality for people who have trouble connecting with society. I suppose the same could be said about alcohol, but I would say that more people who smoke weed let it take over their life in a negative way, whereas most people who drink alcohol sometimes have no problem with it affecting the rest of their life.

  18. The biggest problem with getting marijuana legalised is those campaigning for it are usually stoners, they do more harm than good.
    medical marijuana and industrial hemp could change the world, vastly reducing the power of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries whose lobby groups have been bribing politicians for a century.
    But when the public see a bunch of hippies and stoner kids campaigning for legalisation they get the impression it's just a recreational drug.

  19. Marijuana might seem harmless but every friend I know that smokes it, NEEDS to smoke it to feel “normal”

  20. Jews are the ones pushing for Pot, Marijuana, because they want the world to be stupid and Mindless… Marijuana completely destroys your Peripheral and Central Nervous system, it makes you a Zombie and an Idiot, the Jews want to promote Marijuana in Japan because they see Japan as very string and as a threat.

    Even in Mexico Marijuana is ILLEGAL, the Jews want to Make Japanese people as stupid as White Anglo idiot Race. Whites are Pathetic and Stupid to begin with, and the Jews adding Marijuana into the mix has made Whites and Blacks interbreed, because Marijuana destroys your Intelligence and lowers your IQ, impides your judgment and lowers your defences and ingevitions which guard you, and protect you, Marijuana destroys your sense of shame, and without Shame, you become Shameless, Mindless and Honor less and that is what Marijuana is for, to destroy your Reasoning faculties.

    Stay strong Japanese friends!

  21. I personally feel that when the majority of Japanese people are comfortable with the idea of Medical/recreational marijuana use they will probably accept marijuana I feel as though hippy/dude weed fags have basically ruined weed for every one every where, and that calm rational voices should get to voice their ideas, concerns, and use their knowledge of the pros and cons of legalization to debate about legalization. I believe that a majority of people in japan/Asia as a hole have a rather negative association of marijuana due to schools focusing on heavily on the negative aspects of marijuana usage but not any of the positives that it’d have and because of the “D U D E W E E D” people. Just my humble opinion feel free to disagree

  22. Yeah dude, this one time I was smoking weed and then … oh wait, I don't smoke weed because I'm not a dumb piece of shit.

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