The Morality of Marijuana W/ Ennie Hickman

I ask Ennie for his opinion on the legalization of Cannabis, and we have a conversation about its effects and Medicinal uses. Should Christians be opposed to …


  1. Most people who are against marijuana have never tried it or have never needed it medically. It baffles me the way people come up with their own conclusions on substances based on opinions. To be an absolutist about this specific topic to be wrong. It's easy to say Oh I think smoking weed is a mortal sin when you are not Ill. But I bet if you were to be in a different situation your openion would change.

  2. Bible explicitly warns us about drugs. Any psychoactive drug if it be natural or synthetic can be used by the evil one.

  3. Nicotene makes you crave more nicotene…I am against cigarette smoking but I know of no one who went into hard drugs because their cigarettes weren't satisfying them. You don't get high from nicotene. I lived through the 70's when kids would come to school high from smoking marijuana on the bus…they couldn't function in class. I know of many people who started smoking marijuana who moved onto harder drugs because marijuana no longer gave them a satisfying high. One of those persons wound up stealing from his parents to buy his drugs. They kicked him out of the house…he returned months later and killed his parents and tried to kill his sisters…he was 19.

  4. every chemical ingested is a drug that will apear if it is a match to your beingness. it'll help you grow and expand if used as an offering to God!

  5. Idk in under the opinion that drugs of all kinds are sketchy unless you’re talking prescription necessity (blood pressure medication for ex) or coffee. Coffee is not that harmful, it causes anxiety at worst. Alcohol and marijuana should be used lightly at most. A lot of people use weed as an excuse to be dumb and escape life, and self medicate rather than facing their problems. (I have many family members who do this, it’s not helpful) I think there should be limits on how much a person can use or have at a given time, like with alcohol.

  6. No offense Matt but by the title I thought Ennie was gonna teach us something, not defend his addiction with no Church Teachings on morals to back it up whatsoever 😄

  7. DUDE! Vaping is NOT a "water vapor"… which sounds less harmful. It's an aerosol, that contains vegetable oil and propylene glycol.

  8. At this point I’m down with it as an alternative for the terminally ill, but when I hear all the various arguments for weed, it’s hard for me not to assume that people just want to get high….that they want yet another escape from reality. That’s why I love Christ, Catholicism, my wife, my children, being open to life, and, on the level of a hobby, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, because those things put you face-to-face with reality.

  9. Matt, love you man but you interrupted Ennie too much. He was about to make a few good points and you steered the conversation in a less interesting direction.

  10. Not mentionded is the paranoia, potential psychosis and the fact that you come up witih epiphanies while high that make absolutely NO sense when you are straight. It destroyed my marriage and I think is a dangerous, abusive and confusing thing to do around children. I see it as an insidious drug, that subtlely wrecks havoc in families. Matt it seemed you were going to bring the common good and I would like to hear more on this. Personally it brought nothing but evil into my life and that of my children. I frankly think it opens you up to the demonic. I see it as a social evil and would only advocate it's medicinal use if it could be used without getting high. I also disagree that you can smoke cannabis in moderation.

  11. Not sure what to say about this vid 😳so I’ll just comment on Matt’s Aussieness-“cough my guts up” lol

  12. I dislike cannabis because it leads to pseudo spiritual experiences which can be very misleading and cheapen actual spiritual experiences. Also, many people who smoke weed come up with stupid ideas but think they're genius.

  13. Hey Matt, saw one of your books, on the subject of pornography, in a bookshop in Donegal, Ireland a few days ago. Wonderful evangelization 👍

  14. Hello, thank you for bringing up this topic.
    Can I make a recommendation to Matt Fradd and Catholics in general?

    I KNOW, this is long. I can't expect a YouTube comment to change the focus of your day, but I want to suggest that we start to consider that we can't afford to be uneducated on this topic, and work out the principles of the matter, as it is ever developing.

    While the controversies around cannabis seem to be talked about among Christians with fairly little detail, powerful psychedelic drugs (like MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, DMT) are already set to enter medicine and I've hardly found a Christian comment on it. The medical research has been overwhelmingly positive, yet we need to also take note that such researchers are often open about their own personal use, something they consider "spiritual" or self-exploratory, and this is far more popular than we think (the main organization seems to be and notice the founder Rick Doblin just gave a TED Talk). They appeal to people from skeptical atheists to the credulous new age and so on. Since the '90s psychedelic culture has gradually become more popular than it was in the '60s craze, but with a more intelligent, respectable, responsible air, and indeed we can only presume they have good intentions (many of them literally [as in not figuratively] think psychedelics can save the world). I think we need to understand what's going on here with a lot of care and without any knee-jerk reactions.

    Thank you for your time. There's too much to say on this, but I'm hoping I've said enough to point out the need for some intelligent Catholics to engage with this growing community. God bless you!

  15. CBD is the chemical in Marijuana that is medical. THC is the one that gets you high. The reason smoking marijuana is immoral is because there is no moderation in it; you go from no high to high (depriving of intellect and will). It's not like alcohol where the degree of intoxication grows slower over time—which means you can have the substance but stop at a certain point.

    Because marijuana is so potent in its effects, you dont get the same story. And smoking brickweed doesn't get you high incrementally. It just takes longer for you to hit that point from not high to high.

    Marijuana is like "all or nothing" in regard to what it takes to get immorally intoxicated. Alcohol is like "little by little" in regard to getting immorally intoxicated, which means there are points in which you can stop from doing so.

    You can stop at any point in the process of drinking alcohol to get the non sinful effects from drinking. Marijuana, you have to go all the way high (immoral intoxication) to get the effects of the drug

  16. I have fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease that can become debilitating with pain.

    CBD oil daily has helped. But on the very bad days, taking a chewable THC / CBD before bed helps me to sleep and feel 80-100% better by morning. There are also strains that I can take during the day without any tiredness. I don’t need it every day. And some days more than others.

    The Drs alternative for me are opioids which I’m not willing to take.

    I’m a faithful Catholic. I bless these items with Holy Water when I buy them. I do not go to mass while taking them, just as I wouldn’t have a beer before mass. No one would know that this middle aged women was using cannabis. But I am. And I thank God for making plants to help us. 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Regardless of where you stand on the marijuana issue, our lungs were not designed to smoke anything. Matt I'm rather disappointed that you and your guest were smoking in this video.

  18. You can drink alcohol for the flavor and health benefits without ever getting drunk. But pot is smoked ONLY to inebriate the mind. What kind of fool values his mind so little that he intentionally weakens it? Just plain stupid and foolish. I have ZERO respect for potheads.

    It's dangerous to free fools from the chains they cherish.

  19. This was super interesting. Not sure I agree with the guest…but it is definitely an interesting perspective, and I think it's rather important to get other perspectives.

  20. I'm not questioning the medical use of it, but should we be using it recreationally? I don't know. I'd state that we should stay away from it until Mother Church declares it one way or the other.

  21. “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV

    This verse tells us that we are God’s and that we need to care for not just our spiritual health and relationship with the Father, but our physical health as well. If we are “temples of the Holy Spirit” and God is in us then don’t you think we should care for ourselves since caring for ourselves is then caring for God. This is where the morality of smoking comes into play, if we are in fact “temples of the Holy Spirit” then we should act like God is in us and we should care for ourselves like we would God. If we aren’t treating ourselves like beloved children of God with infinite value then we have an issue.

    Hope this makes sense. God Bless!

  22. Not every place is the same, legalization can be as comfy as you want in the US because their issue is drug abuse (same as western Europe), not so much trafficking because they're usually the target destination. Legalization sort of makes sense in that it provides a way to monitor drug consumption and provide services to drug addicts to the government, the clearest example being Portugal.

    On the other hand, in Latin America for example, the drug abuse problem may very well exist too but it's compounded by drug trafficking. Legalization would only promote local consumption and do nothing to resolve trafficking which is where most of the violence comes from.

    Ultimately, it seems it's more of a public policy question rather than a religious one.

    Any drug may have it's proper use for medicine or recreation, be it alcohol, marijuana, etc. Even sacramental wine retains it's wine accidents after transubstantiation after all. But every drug, used in a disordered way leads to vice. That's as much as I think the religious perspective can properly say about the matter, the rest is politics.

  23. A doctor I know tells everybody who complains about depression to stop doing Marijuana. Take that for whatever you will.

    I personally hate the smell of it.

  24. From a church bulletin in Vegas:

    On the legalization of cannabis
    for recreational use in Nevada.
    You may have heard from priests
    in the past that smoking
    marijuana is a mortal sin.
    Please be aware of the reasons for
    this pronouncement and the
    modifications to this statement
    that must be made in given
    The main reason why it has been
    considered grave matter is
    because of the association with
    criminal elements in the
    obtaining and using of this herb
    which grows like a weed.
    The federal government still
    considers this weed to be schedule
    1 of prohibited substances,
    claiming that it has no medicinal
    value. Science has now proven
    this to be incorrect, and various
    states are now recognizing the
    medicinal value of this drug and
    it's minimal potential for harm
    with responsible recreational use.
    See the recent documentary
    called : “The Sacred Plant”.
    Having now taken away the
    impediment of legal prohibition,
    the consideration on the gravity
    of the matter depends upon one
    main area of concern:
    Does the use of this drug in the
    context of various circumstances,
    harm oneself or others, physically,
    or morally, gravely or minimally?
    This question is open to debate,
    and there is room for diverse
    opinions on the matter. The good
    confessor will question the
    penitent about his motives and
    various circumstances of his use
    of the drug, and help him make
    an assessment of the culpability of
    the matter, which may now be
    considered none at all, or venial
    or mortal, as the case may be.
    The civil authorities are trying to
    regulate to prevent potential
    harm from the misuse of this
    substance. At this stage it is still
    not socially acceptable for
    recreational use for many people
    in our society, so one must
    beware of giving scandal and
    practice the virtues of prudence
    and temperance.

  25. My wife is not allowed medically to have any sort of alcohol whatsoever. So once a week on Friday nights she does have a little bit of marijuana while I have some beers I'm thankful for it.

  26. Is his argument that recreational marijuana use is acceptable because a) it's not as bad as other drugs, and b) we can drink and smoke cigars so why can't we smoke weed?

    I feel like this misses the point that we don't need these drugs. It almost seems like he's saying that something like alcohol is an "accepted drug" by society and therefore it's okay, and trying to say that marijuana could fall under the same category. Not properly taking into account the harmful effects (loss of rationality, as you pointed out).

  27. You know anything can really be a drug. Coffee is a kind of drug, or more specifically caffeine is a drug. Here’s the thing. I believe that two different issues can be thought of here. What is legal and what is moral are the two fronts to this issue. Now, legally certain substances should be outlawed simply because they can hurt others who haven’t chosen to use the drug and they can give certain side effects people shouldn’t have like addiction or death. Marijuana, although studies may say it isn’t addictive, I don’t buy it for a second. Therefore an argument can be made that it should be banned, but I don’t believe that. Smoking nicotine seems so much worse because of all the cancer related stuff with it. In my lukewarm personal opinion, marijuana should be illegal and smoking cigarettes should be illegal or neither should be illegal. It’s either all or nothing and I’m not sure which the state should find more valuable: the freedom or lack of addiction.

    Now, morality is a different question. I understand that the point of human beings is to love God and our neighbors and be loved by them. Anything else put before loving the good is an idol. If something isn’t helping that, then it isn’t good for us. Alcohol can help you do this. Enjoying a cold one with the boys is definitely loving your neighbors. Therefore you can use it while still not worshipping it like an idol. Weed and smoking seem just too addictive and without genuine purpose. If weed allows you to view God’s creation more beautifully, do you trust in God’s already made creation’s goodness? For me personally, I will never smoke cigarettes or marijuana.

    I’d also like to add that I really look up to you as a person, and this video humanized you a lot. You aren’t perfect with every decision you make and neither am I. God Bless!

  28. A tatted-up hipster opposing marijuana prohibition and advocating for 'immigration reform'? Imagine moi shock

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