Debate over federal marijuana legalization continues as several states move forward with hopes of making weed accessible for medical and recreational use.


  1. I can't believe they didn't discuss the medical perspective. Look at the side effects. Those talking enhancement of creatvity we have that already.

  2. Great show! I recently came across this channel & I'm in LOVE! Such diverse and forward thinking from beautiful men/women from my ancestry land & my birth land.

  3. I may have missed this but what is the name of the CEOs there and their companies. What is the name of the magazine that was spoken of?

  4. I love the argument the first person that spoke made…economic empowerment for the black community

  5. WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY!!!!!!!! y'all are forgetting about that. and this effects black americans descendants of slavery in this country. lets be really clear.

  6. safer than alcohol – a stoner is more healthier than a alcoholic however mentally they are both have mental health issues and addiction is real but if its grown organic its ok but people normally modify the plant and manipulate nature too much its not the plant because if you look through history it wasn't so powerful

  7. This episode def needs a part 2. I really appreciate how informative the panel was on this topic.

    I make & sell my own jewelry, but lately I have had the desire to transition into the cbd portion with vape oil and pens. Specifically for the medicinal benefits. I live in DC, so it’s somewhat legal, but I do like the idea of owning weed stocks

  8. i don’t see that Brown & Black folks are going to profit from it. im going to be shocked

  9. Whatever the baldheaded Republican guys name is (who's always cooning) is probably going to be the best person to talk about reparations explicitly because he's already spoken to Yvette Carnell of breaking brown. He stepped up hard for the talk before all this came to the for front of our political debate.

  10. Black people as a whole will never benefit from legalizing marijuana or any other such thing. Plus they want us high so they can keep power! Y’all are too biased. When something is illegal & you do it anyway You don’t deserve reparations if it is made legal at a later date

  11. But if weed gets legalized this gang shit in our communities got to go. It's no point in having gangs fighting about who selling on which block.. Wal-Mart and Kroger are both competing for customers and same goes for every other business. I'm tired of people dying for drugs/gang related violence. Wish that was mentioned.

  12. Natasha's commentary is so full of hypocrisy. She doesn't believe and support the legal prison system, but she practices law…but she can't see how we can infiltrate this industry for our benefit or how important it is that we be at the table.

  13. Can you list the resources that you wanted to promote. Would love to contribute! ex: (extra haze?) media outlets, magazines, Micro business people’s dispensary’s.

  14. Natasha is so right!!!! I thought I was alone. This (just like conceal and carry but that’s another thing) is so not for us! It’s for them to make a profit.

  15. …Addiction is a mental disorder NOT a crime, addiction is a mental disorder, NOT A CRIME.

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