The Future of the Cannabis Industry | Interview With DOPE Magazine

The cannabis industry has massive potential because, as I see it, it’s primarily build up of young people and entrepreneurs. Frankly, I’d go as far to as that the …


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  2. You mean cannabis's cusion , hemp. Cannabis is the physcoactive plant , hemp is the industry maker.

  3. Vee should stick to Wine. What he does not understand is that Big Ag is already here. Its a silent takeover and anyone actually in the industry knows time is running out. The craft cannabis community is literally a pipe dream. People dont give a shit about who breeds the weed or even what they are smoking….hell most people dont even want to smoke weed anymore they just want the pen. I'm telling you Big Ag is wiping the floor with those who have built the industry. Let me ask you this??? Does anybody give a shit about what strain of tobacco or who grew it? No they dont give a shit…..what they give a shit about is a big brand like Camel or Marlboro. Anyone thinking they are going to see Weed commercials are dreaming also….do you see Cig commercials? Commercial Branding is not necessary and already is and will continue to be heavily regulated…..what is necessary is that they see your brand anywhere they are buying weed. Thats it. Stores will be online transactions only no more outlets or dispensary……delivery will be done by that company who has established themselves like Amazon. Oh yeah and if you think Amazon is not trying to get into the game they are…..they will make no announcement until Investors are safe from the Schedule 1 classification. Once that happens it will be a God Damn Feeding Frenzy with those still holding on to the Dream of a Pro Grower getting used a Chum. If you are in the industry get out…..Investors are getting dumped on in the start up sector with zero returns……Once they bleed out the Dumb Money( Gary Vee)….Big Ag will come in and take over on pennies on the dollar. The Black Market is over also although currently making a small comeback as California gets bottle necked on distribution but again once Big Ag has distribution in place prices will continue to drop and then like cigs will go to any price the industry wants it to stay at once competition has been removed…..You literally like cigaretts are going to have two brands like Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds…..ironically they will prob be the two brands in Cannabis due to pre existing infrastructure. They just need and Im sure they already have the strain in tissue culture that they will use in Kentucky.

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  5. It is so nice to see another person who comes at you like a f*kn freight train. There are few of us.

  6. Cannabis companies probably pay him to say this stuff tricking us but boosting there share profit when ultimately Gary dosent Know or give 2 fuck about this just getting a bag.

  7. Your title is the future of the cannabis industry I am a very new person inverse myself however I do know how to research just came about you today sorry I don’t know you but I have information for you that maybe you probably already heard of maybe the company is Canna V Cell Scienes his pitch to Gravitas Is very informative that’s all I have to say thank you for listening wish you the best I do think this is the future

  8. I am weeds biggest fan and have smoked for over 20 years. But for some reason I hate this guy, the way he speaks, acts and although he words things in such a way that it sounds like he's being clever. But I honestly didn't hear anything from this guy that I couldn't have worked out for myself and most of it I already knew. I may get hate for this, yet I don't think this guy said one word that was ground-breaking or has not already been said before. Come back in 20 years to see where this guy is then as he's so sure about what's going to happen 20 years down the line.

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  12. I can see one of Gary’s favorite songs being “Work” by Rhianna, although it’ll be edited. The only line he listens to over and over is “Work, work, work, work, work, work”

  13. jan 2019, i don't know in san juan puerto rico there is a clinic, one mile or two from each other in the metropolitan are. puerto rico is open, police wont bother you, of course discreet aware of what 's around you, but all cool nightlife. i saw the application and for for being anxious, you check mark qualify for licence, anxious.. i prefer that than loosing more friends in 60 years for drunk driving.

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  15. Gary tried to make the most of this but that woman was a TERRIBLE interviewer, it was very obvious she had a list of questions as she bounced back and forth on topics, coming back to ones, not interacting much with his answers… this should be a lesson for anyone trying to podcast, or create news how NOT to do it

  16. I'm from NC and we just became legal to grow hemp and processing. I have access to over 200k sqft of industrial manufacturing space perfect for indoor growing and over 100 acres of land. My county has lots of tax credits and incentatives…looking for partners….

  17. Oh, whoopidee-do-da! Great, just like our Dictatorships did with booze and tobacco multi-billion dollar industries. They destroyed countless peoples lives, based on their lies, about the so called deadly drug, marijuana, but suddenly it's safe enough to allow the masses access to it. After all, they and "their" corporate pals will get stinking rich(again) just like they have over booze and tobacco, only now they'll add Monsanto garbage pesticides/herbicide toxins to it as well.

  18. What is that silver disc looking doodad that Gary keeps picking up when he has to shift thoughts to answer questions during the interview? Would like to know who makes/sells it

  19. GaryVee, you are awesome brother. Speaking from experience, the industry was much more lucrative under medical marijuana legislation. The recreational laws, and regulations that have came with it, have only given rise to outside million-dollar investors, and and handful of greedy industry folks who helped design the legislation to benefit themselves maintaining business. The rest had been pushed aside because of all the red tape and regulations, and permits, and inspections, etc. It was sad to see. I moved to Cali from Jerz when I was 13. I saw it all be created and destroyed. Medical marijuana was the best thing to happen to California. And it was destroyed by recreational. Just my two cents.

  20. Gary want to invest in my cannabis related company ?no growing everything a hundred percent legal federally

  21. Min 14. Shit gets so real!! Thank you Gary V. You the fucking man. Im 42 also. So I know. 🤘🏻

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