The Effect of Marijuana on NoFap Benefits

A quick reflection on how marijuana use effects the benefits of a NoFap lifestyle. Keywords: Marijuana and NoFap Is Pot effecting me? Revisiting your values Revisiting your purpose Becoming…


  1. Two sides to this. Weed gave me so many benefits if used as a tool vs just getting high. I was able to think more clearly, not stress and use my time high to be more creative….express myself even do loads of research. All depends on what you do with it. ya get high and jerk off then yes…..nothing good will come out. And when I say smoke, maybe once a month if that

  2. One important thing to keep in mind is everybody is different and has their own lifestyle. I smoke a little bit of weed once a night, but I never do it out of boredom. Being a musician, I actually find that it helps me focus and get my mind in the zone when it comes time to sit down for a lengthy practice session. On top of that, I find that it has actually given me more motivation to abstain from fapping due to the introspective thought patterns THC elicits. Just don't let it get in the way of your responsibilities, and make sure you're actually using it to do productive things instead of just sitting around playing video games.

  3. Wise words, bro. Thanks for sharing your point of view. If I may, how long did it take you to begin to feel the beneficial effects of not having cannabis circulating in your veins?

  4. fapping ruins my day and makes my life feel boring and meaningless. Smoking helps me with that ALOT. But… when i smoke, higher libido causes me to relapse……so then i get bored, i smoke again. It becomes a cycle. Working on it….

  5. i cant cum when i am really high, like it takes over 10 extra minutes, so i guess you can use it in a tiny amount if you have willpower to only keep it low, but ofc if you can avoid it at all, go with it 100p

  6. "'Whenever you don't have control over your actions,ITS A PROBLEM!! '' I genuinely only understood this after NOFAP!

  7. I dig NoFrap but this is nonsense real ganja smoker can be true with oneself in every form smoking herb. Maybe the NoFraper need the herb more than they think to chill out relax more relax and slow everything down.

  8. i get smart when i smoke and then i do my stuff with a better mind set
    sometimes i do smoke sometimes i don't
    some people just can't do the second part so it becomes a crutch
    get a life that when you get down of pot you still happy

  9. Thanks alot for the video response Greg!!! I appreciate it alot that you care and listen to your viewers questions. This video/advice is exactly what i needed!

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