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  2. If anyone used this to get weed easier and don’t have a medical condition can you please confirm this😂

  3. Microwave your balls so you get testicular cancer from radiation. Than proceed to get chemotherapy. Than you should be able to use medical marijuana!

  4. I received my weed alongside my marijuana card from Bill Bob and he asked me if i sell or smoke and i said i do smoke and sell he told me his gonna provide me with marijuana card and he did, you can reach him on whatsapp or signal +15309365004

  5. Why do you need a card .we I. This state can grow is and eat it or smoke it with out a card. One or two plants can get you 1 pound or more .

  6. Because Washington D.C. Is the jurisdiction every police officer in america gets their authority . Washington D.C. Law says marijuana is legal . They have either no jurisdiction or they can't arrest you for doing something legal . People need to learn about laws . Knowledge is power and when you understand the law better then those who enforce it . You start to realize how more bullshit your feed everyday by those who claim that they are there to help . President Ronald Reagan said the scariest 10 words spoken to anyone is " i am from the government . I am hear to help ".

  7. Try for free if you qualify. If not you don't pay. GREAT PROGRAM! Get The Medical Cannabis License In Missouri!
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    Steps to Get a Missouri Medical Cannabis Card:

    📌 Get a Call From One Our Missouri Doctors
    📌 Get Qualified For a Medical Cannabis Card On The Phone
    📌 Get Your Certified Letter From The Doctor via Email
    📌 Apply Online To Missouri State For Your Cannabis Card

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    All Doctors Are Licensed in Missouri to Practice

  8. One love n peace I got mine, ID cards from this vendor and it's all good took days only contact him directly through watsapp +1 (804) 214-6085 very reliable

  9. I've been on cannabis for a couple of years now for my severe chronic anxiety. I got recommended to this legit vendor +17029079165 for my marijuana card currently in use.

  10. HEY…dont believe this. The "internet" doctor will have to REQUEST you medical file from your doctor in order for the department of health or the verifying agency to grant you a card. Meaning that you just sent all your personal information to a guy you DONT know over the internet " Some states requires you to "SEE" 2 doctors then they (the doctors) have to send their medical information to the proper people. Im just letting you guys know.It know all as easy as they are claiming….BE careful dont get scammed

  11. What happen to common sense?oh,it got branded,as a Chinese thing,we can get as much as we want!!!oh,wait,that's phentanal, that Mitch McConnell, and his gang,let in the country, w/o,labeling,for yrs,killing hundreds,women,children, veterans, the pills,they pushed,for the pharmaceutical companies, yep, that's health care, by republicans,may the LORD, help you find wisdom,and brains,HE,didn't say "trains",even then,you should have taken them.

  12. Man you Californians care more about smoking weed than the state taking your 2nd ammendment rights away so glad I dont live in California bunch of homosexual sodomites ! Not all of them but most

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