1. Cigarettes have between 7000 to 10,000 chemicals, vape juice has 2 plus the flavouring, if your going to lie try not be so blatant about it. Tobacco is big business for governments, here in the UK theres around an 80% tax, vaping represents governments losing BILLIONS, of course they are going to pay off some "doctors" and news outlets to put out hit pieces to try and reduce their losses. One of the most popular ways to control what people do is by fear, its become very common in most news stories to mention kids and teenagers to try and instill fear in parents because what self respecting parent wouldnt want to protect their kids right?

  2. First of all, she’s not a doctor, she’s a nurse practitioner. Second of all, stop trying think vaping is good because you don’t even know what you’re smoking 😂

  3. Hey doc where can we get that pure air? Do you have an idea lmao 😂😂😂? Ask another scientist if he has enough proof that vaping can be harmful to our body.

  4. "It is not a safer option…" this is an incredibly damaging sentence to people who rely on these vapes to quit smoking. Yes, Air is the best obviously. But if you move from Cigarettes to vapes you will be at much less risk, fact.

  5. Being a vaper that switched from cigarettes the thing I got from this is we need air in our lungs more than anything else which is true. Im gonna vape until I can't anymore then I'll be even happier
    If that takes my whole life then so be it. If it is more dangerous than smoking then at least I'll live my life without the nasty ashtray and the smell. with a cheeper pricetag. And with just those three things im happier.

  6. Its how they say there is more bacteria on your cellphone than your toilet seat… But if you lick your cellphone no problem… Now lick you toilet seat… More of something does not always make it worse.

    (If in fact vaping does produce more chemicals that smoking. They put ridiculous amounts of chemicals in cigarettes to start… What happens when they heat up and chemically react to make new chemicals… The arguement doesnt stand without proper side by side lab results which they aren't showing)

    …sorry for the rant, lol 😁

  7. She is making some very dangerous unsubstantiated claims here. Plus, almost every health professional agrees that vaping is far less harmful than smoking combustible tobacco. Most all studies that have been done so far agree that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. I don't believe diacetyl is in vape juice any longer in the US and I wonder why no one ever mentions that you will find 700 to 1000 times that amount in a standard cigarette. There are generally 3 to 4 ingredients in vape juice including the nicotine where there are 7000 in a cigarette. Also the ingredients in vape products are put in many food products.

  8. I don't fucking understand what the fucking fuck on earth these doctors want ? Your fart is more harmful than vegetable glycol. You idiot.

  9. Ive been smoking cigarettes for ten years and every cigarettes i smoke contains a total of 7,000 chemicals when inhale. So your telling me that diacetyl which is found in the food we eat is more danger then smoking cigarettes and will give me popcorn lungs. i just quit smoking and now i have a scientist/doctor telling me cigarettes is way better then vaping smh. You people are whats wrong with this world today.

  10. My last trip in India I saw ads on the side of rickshaws that condemn the Indian health authority for promoting the health implications of smoking. The ad seemed angry because the statements made by the health authority affects the income made by tobacco farmers in India (The ad may have been paid for by the tobacco farmers). Sometimes it is difficult to determine what motivates people (money, power, fear, influence, honour, truth, love….); including this doctor. In her case she doesn't seem to be motivated by fact and research.

  11. REALLY!!!!! Vaping contains more chemicals than cancer sticks??? BS OF NOTE!! Go back to your chemistry classes or maybe just enjoy the spoils from the huge amount of money the tobacco companies are paying you to regurgitate this horseSHIZ!!! Honestly I started vaping on and off 10 to 12 years ago as a means to quit smoking I did not enjoy it at all, it was just not the same..then I spent some money and bought a decent device and atty or two and several flavours..guess what I don't smoke anymore. As a matter of fact I  even stopped vaping as it was not really a need for me because I cut my nicotine intake every few months just a fraction until I was on 0mg so go take your BS somewhere else…!

  12. this video is brought to you by malboro. and even if it were AS dangerous as regular smoking, which its not according to EVERY study , i still pay only around 10% and my clothes don't reek of smoke

  13. More chemicals then cigarettes??? She’s not a doctor… and that’s a proven fact. It’s also been proven a safer alternative

  14. Supported by the tobacco industry. Cigarettes have killed millions! Get lost!

    Sorry, found in food? Doesn't say they're safe. Wow.

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