The Cryogenic Sleep Experiment at Arkham Sanitarium (ASMR)

Once upon a time, you sat in your brown leather Barcalounger in a corner of your quiet, dimly lit room at grand ol’ Arkham Sanitarium, contemplating the pros and cons of having recently exchanged…


  1. Patient number 168190S. Went under in 2018 and awoke just now in 2019. I think there's been a mistake I specifically said 45619200 days, not 45619200 seconds. I do not feel refreshed at all, it's only been a year. I'd like this error to be noted so I can go back to sleep until my originally specified date comes to pass.

  2. I'm fairly new to the lore of these characters, so to know why Margaret is the way she is explains why she's…unique to say the least. And gives her a reason to tie up Corvus to a chair in a later episode. Including having a garden with human body parts. It's said that children grow from gardens right? Could she be trying to replace the child she lost? And if she wrote that message on the back of the clipboard,then we must heed her warning and NOT TRUST THE PROFESSOR.

  3. Jovial Professor worries me more than Stoic Professor does. Especially if he’s singing freaking Mr. Rodgers’ theme song AND cracking jokes.
    (Emergency Addition) WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO, CLEMMONS?! WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK DID. YOU. DO . holy mother of dragons, ER, you do write a freaking good story. So… hang on. It was Clemmon’s baby, but not Nyalarthotep’s. Whewwwwwww. Good Lord. That’s a buttload to process.

  4. Start of the video he starts singing
    Me: what that’s illegal under protocol z-42 entertainment is now illegal that goes for movies,video game,songs,board games,tv and games like but not only tag,hide and seek and all sports

  5. That opening had me shitting myself. I felt like I was there and I was afraid for an honest second

  6. Hold up. If I wanted to visit a technologically advanced future, why couldn’t I just take a rift? 🤨

    Oh well, I’m sold. Off to the cryo-tube.

  7. its like every single video is from the perspective of a normal person just tied up and gagged while trying to scream for help and this guy just does this in front of the poor sod

  8. I love the story behind this video. Also, it’s kind of weird to see the maskless brother showing emotions for once, especially given the nature of the experiment.

  9. the last part with the cutting mat and the soft "sleep" is the best piece of asmr I have ever heard

  10. Isn't this what happened in fallout? The people were frozen in pods for thousands of years? (I haven't played the games)

  11. Congrats on 500k subs Big E!
    Can't wait to look back at this comment and laugh when you're at 1 million. 👍

  12. I always stay up a little later than I mean to because it takes me so long to pick from your videos. Not only are there a lot of them, but they are all so high quality and relaxing! Gosh I love your channel, I'm so happy I found it!

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  14. Professor: "And how many hearts do you have now?" Me: Two hearts!
    Professor: "Four?"
    Me: No two! Let me live my Timelord dreams! This is all I have!

  15. Before I read the title I thought this was dr fucking arden from ahs asylum and when you said experimanting with the human, I was like 'you've got to be kidding me righr?!!!'

  16. #666 May 7, 2018; and May 9, 2117. I’m on this weird planet called Earth, and I don’t remember anything. I get a feeling that’s what I wanted, though.

  17. Jesus Christ, mate – it's too bad the Arkham asylum isn't real – they could slot you right in next to the Joker…

  18. Patient #6079
    Participation date 3/8/2018 (Original Dimension Time)
    Completion date: Unknown
    After I awakened and exited my chamber, I did not recognize the new place I found myself in. After wandering for what seemed like days I stumbled onto a bustling city. Society seems not to have changed greatly, as status is based on the power and usefulness of physical augmentations made to an individuals "human body". While I had enjoyed a comfortable life previously due to my augmentations, there are many who have surpassed mine. I eventually found work as a janitor. I hope to be able to save up enough to further my goal of becoming a higher being.

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