The Cannabis Mirror | Blair Brown | TEDxSunValley

What if cannabis was not the catalyst to so many American epidemics, but rather the catalyst to finding the solution? Blair Brown tells the story of how cannabis …


  1. We've been using cannabis since forever, there was recently a mummy found in China that had 2 pounds of well preserved, potent cannabis in a bag buried with it. This was about 8000 years old I believe. Lots of good info here, keep up the fight! One day we will come to fully appreciate and use this plant properly. And hopefully this awakening will make us savvy to the complexities of biology and human psychology/neurology, as has been happening and will continue to advance exponentially soon. A wonderful example being the recent discovery that cannabinoids allow neurons to fire "backwards" (which was previously thought impossible for over a century of neurological/biological/medical research), having many implications in how our brain functions including memories and emotions work

  2. Correction *
    The slide of suggesting the hemp use in the Ebers Papyrus was supposed to be a picture of – Seshat – The Egyptian goddess of wisdom and writing (see many spellings of her name) She is often associated with cannabis as she has 7 pointed symbol depicted above her head in hieroglyphics.
    The Sumerian slide should have the following facts: 3000 BC Clay Tablets referencing "potential" cannabis use. This bit of information was omitted because there is much disagreement among historians about the actual plant used medicinally as well as for cloth and rope. That said it was depicted from past use – prior to their recording of such uses.
    * Good catch 'doc to help' Thank you!

  3. 2600 BC is 4600 years ago. The ‘Egyptian papyrus caption is shown with a Sumerian relief, not Egyptian! Decent talk but getting the details right is better for cannabis.

  4. 2019, and cannabis research is only in its infancy… what a shame that is. Cheers from Canada!

  5. Using Cannabus is not the same thing as smoking or consuming Cannabus. This loosey goosey logic is exactly the problem. Maybe if you didn't smoke Cannabus your logic would make more sense.

  6. Thanks for the talk. Brazil really needs to discuss this, too. The war on drugs is so not worthy.

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