The Black Market For Pot Is Still Thriving In California (HBO)

Recreational marijuana became legal in California in January. But for small-scale veteran growers like Jason Fleming, licensing backlog may shut his business …


  1. I buy from the black market way too expensive you can get a oz that's worth a hundred with tax it will be like 150 why do that when I can get an ounce for like $90 or 89 or just a hundred government f*** everything up when they put their hands on things

  2. Black market will always exist and thrive…as long as their is a need for what ever product…..if you have what a person needs or wants…and it's good enough in their eyes!And they have the money….you make the profit plain and simple

  3. If they really wanted to push the black market out they wouldn't price shit double what streets do. It makes zero sense..they're doing things on a much larger and safer should cost less to produce per gram. Also quality of buds at most legal dispenserys are weak..industry needs more competition to drive prices down.

  4. I already see that happening here in IL, taxes gonna make price go down in the street since they dont have to pay it… or they choose to dont.
    I wanna try to push trees 🌳 legally… IMMA TRY

  5. Damn. I want that guy’s contact info? Anyone know who he is? I live in a very religious state. Kentucky! Which it is not legal here in any way. I just downloaded the TOR browser. It’s so slow. 🙄 Haven’t gotten the hang of the dark web yet. I just want to be able to order my damn weed right here & now. I’ll buy today. Here I am! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Help!

  6. So is Purple Erkle different to Purple Urkle ??
    Or is it just a spelling mistake on the label ??
    Incredible Bulk for the win '-'/ Huge Cola's !!

  7. This is what happens EVERY fkng TIME a new freedom is gained!!! The chickenshit brainiac regulators move in like Barney Fife on PCP and vociferously start writing in all sorts of chickenshit RULES!!! I have repeated this thousands of times, but to no avail. Here we go again: There is a loophole in the law that should have been shouted down from the get-go!!! It's called the "Civil Regulatory System!!!" "Immanent domain" is one example. Under immanent domain, they can seize your house and land without cause, and because it was done not legally, but regulatorily, there's nothing you can do about it.

    You see, the Civil Regulatory System is exempt from the rule of law, because civil regulations are not actual LAWS!!! The rule of law in the United States is the CONSTITUTION!!! Civil regulations are EXEMPT from the rule of law because they are "regulations!!!" However! The way the Civil Regulatory law is written, civil regulations are still enforced by both federal and state law enforcement!!! "HOLY CONSTITUTIONAL CIRCUMVENTIONS, BATMAN!!!" Since civil regulations are not bound by the constitution ( because they are not officially "laws" ), the "sky's the limit" when it comes to how unconstitutional civil regulations can GET!!! And law enforcement ( both federal and state )is forced to enforce those civil regulations as if they were actual LAWS, and the courts are still forced to penalize those who fight against those civil regulations ( a.k.a. "ghost laws" )!!! There's Immanent domain, then there are the Civil Commitment laws, which are unconstitutional to the max. These are now expanding to include all kinds of offenses, not just sex offenses!!! Then there are the civil asset forfeiture laws!!! If the given law is a "civil" one, they are regulatory!!! They are not bound by the rule of law, which, again, is the CONSTITUTION!!! Under the civil asset forfeiture laws ( RESEARCH this right here on YouTube ), if the police "rationalize" that anything you own can be used in the commission of a crime, they can confiscate every thing you own!!! State troopers have confiscated people's life credit/debit cards and have swiped them through police card readers. The result is that innocnet motorists have been stripped of their entire life savings, on the premise that their money can theoretically be used in the commission of a crime!!! They can also confiscate the vehicle your'e travelling in along with the vehicles you have back home!!! The bastards can even confiscate your PARENT'S vehicles!!! All on the rationalized premise that they can be used in the commission of a crime!!! ( dammit, RESEARCH this, if you don't believe me!!! ). Then, you have the National Defense Authorization Act, or N.D.A.A. Under that, you can be locked up without charge or trial as an "unlawful enemy combatant!!!" This is PRECISELY what they do to political dissidents in countries like North korea and Communist China!!! No charges are filed, no legal defense is possible, no due process, nothing!!! They just take you and lock you up!!! The N.D.A.A. is also a "civil regulation" , one that ,should we end up with someone like Amelia Cortez as President, could make this country like communist China!!!
    Well, the regulations that the Lib-turd brainiacs are placing on the marijuana growers of California are not bound by the constitution, either!!!

  8. Yo the sesh event is the best for the black Market in California, Hit that Like button if you been to Ganja Galaxy events in San Diego

  9. Cannabis is not truly legal in CA. Cities and counties in CA can still impose marijuana bans which then empowers the black market.

  10. I've been growing my own in my backyard for a decade now. I don't sweat taxes, testing, and quality. I know where my cannabis has been. It takes some dedication and commitment to produce a quality product, but it is WAAAAAAAAAy cheaper! I'm a single smoker and I smoke every day in the evening and night time; usually one to two grams.

  11. only one way to remove this. Make weed legall 100% and owned by every person with no regulation. Then it wont be a black market, it will just be a market

  12. When they tax a grower almost 50 percent they make it hard to lower prices and keep the black market going.

  13. Marriage is legal but people do have extramarital affairs.

    Street weed and black market weed will never die, it will only die when street dealers starts charging taxes like the dispensaries

  14. its rediculous in a "free country" that the government has to attach itself like "legal parasites" on each and every ones elses positives example they tried to enforce "victory tax" on olympians and already have a medal tax on top of income tax sales tax property tax business tax ..and never seem to do thier fkn job correctly never make it easier on anyone even keep shiit going back and forth during holidays like christmas and completely turn thier backs on people like Otto Warmbier..lie about helping and paying people for Hurricane day one day i have a dream where the devils lease will expire and hell will seal itself shut so the rest of us human beings can live a decent happy life without all these corky government leeches sucking us dry of things they DiD nothing ..yeah notta a damned thing to earn.. God will hear me and karma will come and sweep your demonic asses off to doominion land you actually made. The makers farmers and doers in the world will finally be free of your ill fate..In the end Good will prevail God creator of the universe please bless the USA.. benjamin franklin once said "we wouldnt need a government if we had a better form of communication" he was traveling in a wooden wheeled stage coach across rocking mountains..since then the ham radio walkie talkie tv cell phone satelite and internet were all invented..let go of your choke hold on civilized human beings!

  15. Do you know why San Francisco is a place of dirty needles and excrement? Do you know why the opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug epidemic in American history? It's because we sent the message to young people that "getting high" is okay, so when they get bored with pot, they move on to opioids. The blood is dripping from your hands, VICE!

  16. Lol. It's funny to see people fall for the "legalization" politic bit. The government, who caused the "gateway drug" epidemic by lying about cannabis to everyone, including practically threatening children in schools/health classes. Also to this very day classify it as a drug that compares to drugs that are almost obviously made to addict and kill people. So they all of a sudden change their mind? Of course, as long as they get "their share" of the profit… Hm, seems like a cash grab by the biggest corrupt industry on the planet. The Government. So as long as citizens have their thumbs up their azz, it will all be a joke. IT'S A PLANT. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO THE CONVERSATION. WE. NEED. NORMALIZATION. NOT. LEGALIZATION.

  17. The black market will always have a hand in the market. Especially when county commissioners won't allow a dispensary in your town. When you buy marijuana from a dispensary you expect great weed right. Well if there are seeds in it, it's not that good. Black market marijuana is cheaper and often times better.

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