The biggest winners (and losers) from the legalization of hemp

Pot’s big day in Congress. The farm bill winners and losers. With CNBC’s Aditi Roy and Brian Sullivan, and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Pete Najarian, …


  1. Losers include the oil,cotton, timber,soy,tobacco, and alcohol industries. Winners include humanity. Imagine everything plastic becoming biodegradable and grown by U.S. farmers. Cars made from hemp,that run on hemp. Google Henry Ford and hemp,and you will see how oil has been holding progress hostage since 1937.

  2. Soy bean growers will switch to Hemp. Due to Communist America hating China not buying soy beans.

  3. Pretty sure they have GMO Hemp now…so watch out. I hope that U.S. farm families don't start growing this shit. It's a trap. Can we EAT HEMP?

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  5. CBD is psychoactive. Psychoactivity has nothing to do with whether itll get you high. Absolute retards

  6. HEMP. . .look first at HEMP, then HMPQ and then let the floodgates open. The most naive of people were not paying attention to Woody Harrelson back in 2000 when he was arrested for planting HEMP seeds. Talk about a visionary who knew then what everyone knows now . . .or will know shortly about HEMP.

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