The biggest cannabis company in the world

Big Weed is already here. The very biggest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth, owns over a dozen brands (like Tweed). Based out of Canada, …


  1. I wouldnt say that "weed is just another product", as the journalist said at the end. I think its a product that can be used in so many different ways, and in my opinion it has a huge potential to be the "future medicine". Whether you look at THC or CBD or even new cannabinoids that will probably come along the way, it has something innovative , even though it is a very old plant. As you can see it starts booming now, but not as a returning hippie movement, rather as business approach type of trend. I think in a couple of years when more and more countries will legalize it step by step, it is going to be huge.

  2. Capitalism has increased the quality of weed 10 fold over the years. If you want to smoke Bernie Sanders communally grown boof with seeds in it, go right ahead.

  3. I really hate that black people are locked up for weed longer than most sex offenders and yet everybody in the industry looks like a neighbor to Mr Rogers

  4. This is a very cool series guys. I will be making hash on my channel so send me some subscribers lol

  5. Damn y’all came all the way from China and did no homework? Everything the sherbinski dude was thinking about doing has already been done by Berner. Strains been mentioned by a hell of a lot more artists then gelato has. You can’t find a club in any country that doesn’t carry one of his cuts

  6. Corporations are going to ruin weed –_– Just like they did FOOD, RETAIL, VIDEO GAMES. Corporations do not need to touch weed.

  7. And once the small players are out, the price will go up and illegal cannabis will pop up again. Circle of life right here.

  8. I grow my own. Not giving my money to the pale man when by brothers are still locked for selling weed.

  9. This is a real trap designed by greedy politicians and businessmen. Wake up people because now U.S.A citizens got guns and now you got most deadly mind destroyer ''weed'' so all ingredients to cause huge social problems is already completed.

  10. Walmart weed. Move into my territory and you are going to hell with a bullet in your head.

  11. What a bunch of gullible dickheads paying for "designer" products when you can get adequate clothing made in China for a tenth of the price! They think they look so "cool" but they really just look stupid!
    Follow the lead of the real money makers and dress simply, live simply. My favourite is genuine military surplus clothing, it bets the hell out of some gay $1,000 parka or trendy sports shoes!

  12. A pound would never cost that much…. funny where these prices come from??? It is a plant!!!!!!! The reason it was expensive was because it was illegal

  13. drugs dealers legalization and marketing..? those who are against cigarette business now offering more dangerous thing.. thats hypocrisy, ether you are against all this crap or you are in it, what makes you same dealer..

  14. So, this is the last step on the ladder of trying to make people stupid. TV, was the first step, then Internet, then Social media, then smartphones, pop music and finally this, legal weed targeted towards young people that may have some money and that usually spends it on Supreme products. Very discrete.

  15. Nope. The real fisherman bus a more expensive custom rod by the local rod builder. This is small business heaven.

  16. You guys are real journalists. I wish you led the world news and not what we got now at CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox. What a difference you are to those BS Artists.

  17. People are so naive!
    If smoking had not been legal..millions of people would have been alive today!!
    This legalisation will sadly kill the brains of many many people to benefit the wealth of the companies promoting and producing this drug!! As I said..people are sooo naive again and again!

  18. Great a license for something that grows naturally just to make a buck. Me personally I would rather remain an outlaw.

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