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  1. Hey guys, I make homade cbd goodies at my restaurant and have just expanded to a website because cbd prices are insane!!! all of my prices are about half the standard price and we produce High quality CBD edibles. Soon we will be selling oils, dog/cat treats, and CBD drinks. and for every item we sell, we plant a tree with Thanks, and check out

  2. Is there any official, governmental institute that controls the sells of CBD oils and makes sure that the bottles contain real CBD oil from real quality hemp? In California, there are tons of stores who distribute the liquid with not enough information at all on their label. Any experiences to report about?

  3. This Was Not a Liv Labs Review But a Bait and Switch to Sell Your Rank Up Now BS!! WHATEVER! This Was nothing more than a Sales Pitch!!! #novalue

  4. Nick, does Rank Up Now have pre-built pages for other popular programs like OSP does, and does it integrate with Aweber and Get Response? I used to be a big fan of OSP but I just don't get where they went with the pricing. They did not add any more value in my mind. I know you guys are working with them. Oh. and will you have an affiliate program in the future? Keep up the good work. You guys are great!

  5. This is as pure as CBD oil gets, aswell as many other product for wellness, overall health and relief. We also have dog treats aswell.
    Homeostasis starts here
    All Hempworx products are cultivated on Kentucky farms💯🥇I urge you all to come join me and take a look at our 750mgCBD oil..😇
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  6. You gotta try CTFO!!!!

    CTFO has hit it out of the park with 10xPure.

    What needs to be understood is that when the CBDA is passing through the body it is naturally being converted (decarboxylated) into CBD.

    There are two reason this happens:
    1.Your body temperature
    2.Your body naturally being acidic

    When 10xPure was being tested for Bioavailability (absorption),  the scientists discovered  something amazing that happens with CBDA in the body. With the discovery, we hit it out of the park.

    These studies (which David D'Arcangelo is working) will show 10xPure products keep the integrity of the CBDA. This allows CBDA  to reach the target in the body. When it reaches the target it gets their as CBDA.

    In the scientific study, 10xPure was able to maintain its integrity while passing through the kidney and liver cells. Do a google search on the health benefits of CBDA and you will be blown away.

    Just because some companies bottle says CBDA on it, what is important to know is it is very likely to be destroyed before reaching the target. With our patented covalent bonding  SuperCharged 10xPure, we are able to protect the CBDA from going through the damaging process.

    In addition to the HISTORIC finding on CBDA, remember the other benefits of 10xPure….

    10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules/oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil. It is PATENTED & CTFO has EXCLUSIVE. Blows away any competitor.

    CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT water soluble. The process of using Nano technology to assist in making the oil water soluble, offered by competitors, “chops” the molecules of CBD. This actually damages the molecules. 10x Pure does NOT damage the molecules. They are all intact, and bioavailable. This is HUGE and we blow away any and all competition. I suggest you read this paragraph again. This sets us apart from those who tout they are water soluble.

    Supercharged oxygenated oil LOVES water, and mixes well with it. Since water is the main constituent of blood, the 10x Pure process allows us to transport natural, non-processed broad spectrum CBD throughout the bloodstream. This results in increased absorption and potency! Let me say that again. This results in increased absorption and potency! And remember, this is a patented product, and CTFO has an exclusive agreement with the company; we are the ONLY network marketing company offering this technology in our oil!

    What happens to potency/absorption?
    Well, the 500 mg potency with 10x Pure is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 3,000 – 5,000 mg!
    The 1500 mg potency is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 9,000 – 15,00 mg

    The 10x Pure process is real. Without getting scientific, it provides a WATER delivery vehicle, as the CBD molecules are actually attracted to water.

    10XPure is hydrophilic – having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water. chemical science, chemistry – the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

    Jeremy Ducharme (CEO of 10xPure)  said that water soluble is not about absorption of penetration. What makes 10XPure so special is that it is HYDROPHILIC.

    Learn more:

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