The BENEFITS of CBD Oil For Anxiety! | 6 Months On CBD! Side Effects?

I’ve been using CBD for 6 months now for my anxiety (and ADHD). I’ve used it for headaches, pains, anxiety attacks, etc and I hope this video can help whoever …


  1. There are so many other things that CBD is used for such as depression, bone health, seizures, glaucoma and much more! Also, you can’t overdose on it… you could drink a whole bottle of it and it would not hurt you, yet you can overdose on Tylenol and most other over the counter/prescription drugs… isn’t that insane?!

  2. People are so scared to get high… Why??? THC and CBD together are like a powerhouse tag team…. I think people are scared of getting high because they can't control their emotions. THC makes you feel everything and slows your thinking and actually slows time down. You're sort of mimicking being a child, because I believe kids are naturally high. So, don't be afraid of THC, it repairs your body as well and works with CBD…. I take big amounts of THC/CBD and I control the high, I act normal even though in my head it's like a fucking circus going on… if you can control it, THC can aggressively work on your body and CBD can repair it. There, wasn't that hard was it…take care.

  3. This is real and 100% true. I have been taking CBD oil from a reputable store here in Phoenix for a little over 2 months and it has been helping me tremendously with my anxiety and depression. I feel more focused and confident now. There is a version called the "full spectrum" which is somewhat stronger and has more components of the cannabis plant and it helps more. The only side effect is that you feel a bit sleepy and tired but the body gets used to it. That's about it, it doesn't mess up your stomach or anything. The only thing I am not crazy about it how expensive it can be. I truly recommend it.

  4. God why is it always a shameless plug :/ so, basically she posted all that cbd content to rev up to this plug

  5. For those who want to try CBD but don't have enough money. Order some Hemp oil on amazon or wherever. It is about 10x cheaper and works the same in regards to my relaxation and anxiety! – experienced CBD user

  6. I’m definitely going to get some. But there are so many types and brands, I don’t know which one to get

  7. I have crippling depression that leaves me bed ridden and ruins my life. I’m thinking of using cbd to help me. If I can help me depression I can be more productive. I’m an artist but my depression makes me draw maybe 1 time a week. But if cbd can help me feel better imagine me being able to draw everyday without a sinking feeling of emptiness

  8. Using body language and numbers to convince people subconsciously to do what you want is satanic. get a fucking job

  9. I have tried CBD Oil. ..
    It's not a high, it's not euphoric, not mind altering . It's amazing . I do not take meds and this product is great . I'm 56yrs old and have arthritis and back problems ..and I do not take pills . This CBD OIL

  10. Do you swallow it after you put it under your tongue or do you let it sit under the tongue and spit it out?

  11. I think I might find you more credible if you hadn't of been a 4 minute commercial for your friends product.

  12. Anxiety reducing items I use are: 1) bump up my Magnesium intake, Mag Oxide pills (cheap), homemade magnesium oil rubbed on the skin (Mag Chloride [Ancient Minerals bath @ amazon] in water) — you will always be magnesium deficient if you are stressed and will be easily be able to tell if you have taken too much magnesium as you will get diarrhea ; 2) Calms Forte homeopathic pills 2 under the tongue will drop your stress factor and makes me more chill absolutely no side effects Hylands makes it ; do a energy healing for another person (read Lynne Mactaggarts Power of Eight and Eric Pearls "heal others and heal yourself" or meditate ; take an epsom salt bath and relax (magnesium) as baths allow you to chill ; I like the CBD but its too expensive unless you make your own ; try Bach flower remedy "rescue remedy" to ground you . Anytime you are stressed and suffer anxiety attacks or insomnia, its always because I am coming from a place where THE WORLD IS NOT A SAFE PLACE and my mind is running wild and will not be still. In reality we are always safe. Just staring at nature and observing, being in the now, is by definition not mentally dreaming about the past events or what may happen in the future and both those are a complete waste of time. I get into chronic triggering and I have to struggle to still my mind or I'll be stressed from all the ptsd of the past. Instead of running from it, (the emotion) run towards it, tell your body you want to feel the sadness, the hopelessness, the fear, just let me feel the fear and like magic it goes away because its not actually there (Charlie Goldsmith has a course in changing your life, well worth it).

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