1. Seriously paper towels too germinate !!! Wooh , ugh more modern way to spouted a seed . Get a glass of distilled water drop the seed into the glass use tinfoil to mske a top lid on the glass put the glass in a closet or a cardboard box DARK complete dark 1-2 days the seed will fall to the bottom of the glass full of water still .. 2–3 days tha seed will spouting a while tail allowed the tail to seed to get lil longer n size as soon as U see a good white tail from the seed go ahead n create a home for the seed in soil. Don't ever touch or come in contact wit the seed because this is the most fragile state when poping seeds . Use ur pinky finger make a small hole to pour the seed from glass into the hole . Cover the seed wit lil dirt don't ever press on the dirt as u cover the seed with dirt . 1-3 possibly 1-2 days U have a mini lil plant comeing up as soon as I see a plant spout comeing up out of the soil u can carefully help it by lightly moving the soil particles tha are in the way just the dirt once again don't touch the spout . Don't water either till ur spout look healthy n opens up completely u can start light spary mist when look healthy enough. Good luck

  2. In a previous video when you set your seeds in the soil I noticed you were using a 24 inch T5 fixture…The 3 week old plants in this video…Are you still using the same 24 inch T5 light on these plants…If not may I ask what light you are running….Also if it is the T5…How many inches do you run your light away from the seedlings…And at 3 weeks how far is the light away from the top of the plant…Thank You.

  3. Come to the next blazer cup I think your cannabis could win I'll be there so you could meet your gromies from the inland empire

  4. Come do a review on my local hydroponics store the green mile , I would highly appreciate it

  5. I think your one of the only that does NOT LIE about grow time.
    I see people with two and three foot tall plants saying one month ..bull shit.
    Thanks for your honesty.

  6. I wish I could grow but I live in Louisiana we have marijuana Nazis here soooo!!! Great video bro thanks for sharing 😉

  7. Try manna seed soak it will help ur seeds with the bacteria in them y ur not poping them .just give it a look ull be happy .new to ur channel .seen the seed problem s.great plants

  8. Have you triwd using hydrogen peroxide to help break down the wax coating on the sluricane seed 1 drop in a cup of water 3%hydrogen peroxide is good for quick starting seeds

  9. Whenever my paper towel has absorbed that brown colour around my seed, that seed never germinates, it’s dead and rotting into the paper towel.

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