The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – Aloe Vera & Silica Makes Your Plants Healthy And Strong!!!

You can buy 200x concentrated aloe Vera powder on Ebay. -You can buy Gro-sil powdered silica at Thanks For All Your Support This Year Boyz!


  1. When I spray I use neem oil and palm olive soap, but that's more for like bug control. Do plants soak nutrition through leaves, if so is that why spraying with 0-50-30 helps kick the plants into flowering? Let me know boss!

  2. Man I watch your videos day in day out fuckin great videos
    In April I had put some girls outside straight in the ground with some products
    Crab meal bone meal all that great stuff these hoars are 7 ft tall got me nevous as hell I live dead on center in the ghetto

  3. in a weird way its nice to see that we arent the only ones being sprayed into oblivion…no sun here either man. getting bad….there are better and more organic ways of adding silica to your plants. and believe it or not plants ingest very little thru their leaves and some of the compounds in your sprays can break down into weird stuff in sunlight. very few agricultural pro operations use them…

  4. There looking beautiful. Will try out on some of my girls Nice singing voice dude lol silica will check that out Awesome I like Blue 🧀😁

  5. Under lights during veg I used to folar spray two or three times a day with plain old soda water. I did a test at first with ten plants but only sprayed one plant after two weeks it was 50% bigger than the others. I used to flower them at ten inches tall ang get 4 or 5 ounces from each plant. Small yield but it went all year round. In an area of 3 feet by 7 feet I was getting 40 ounces every six weeks.

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