Thailand's Marijuana Legalization Movement | HIGHLAND | Episode 2 (Medical) Excerpt | Coconuts TV

Thailand is expected to legalize medical marijuana by the end of 2018. In early 2017, Coconuts TV produced an original docu-series exploring the Thai …


  1. ความโง่ของรัฐบาลไทย ทำให้คนไทยเข้าไม่ถึงกัญชา

  2. Dear host, please make sure the camera doesn't catch you fiddling with your hands/fingers and looking uninterested in what your subject is telling you. Great channel, thanks for the content.

  3. Malaysia ? Masih lagi cakap tumbuhan ini dadah. Terlalu Kuno. Dah di Brainwash Sejak kecil. Masih dalam penjara pikiran.

  4. Hope this show could visit Philippines. We are actually on the first step of legalizing it. It was approved by the congress last month and hopefully the senate would pass it as well.

  5. สู้ๆๆ. เสรี จงบังเกิด กับประเทศไทย

  6. I'm happy I live in Canada where weed is legalized. I hope the world will see that it is not a dangurous drug.

  7. Canada's business model is Failing miserably , Thailand can set the bar, start shipping real organic, grown under the SUN , I never got to try the Thaistick, but still dream of the old chocolate Thai strains from the mid 80s and would even welcome the cpl/few beans that came in some of the nugs………….I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW!

  8. The law changers in April 2019 my wife has stage 4 brain tumor she had
    radiation therapy and it's not worked does any one know how to get on a
    cannabis medical trial in thailand
    We live in Chiang Mai????????????

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