TEEKA TIWARI – CANNABIS OIL: How CBD Becomes a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Part 1/2 | LR



  1. Pot still makes me objective. It also narrows my awareness with couchlock added and thats not fun. Do what you want it is anouther product that can clean ducts and hopefully make money usefull.

  2. I don't care how much I need to change my life; I don't want to wear these ridiculous suit jackets day in and day out. The consolidation and conformity to fashion today is no different than a monarch's court. Wigs and makeup and tights. It's such intellectual marginalization.

  3. Save your money people. The company hes talking about is Cronos group. That is the pick he wont tell unless you buy into his commercial.

  4. I’m sure this guy is good at finance, investing, and hopefully has a conscience…. but suspect! Why? Because he like too many other tycoons profiteering on the green rush are 100% in it for the money and all this “healing, health benefits, scientific explanations” you studied and talk about is very bullshit.. If you genuinely cared about health, healing, sovereignty, rights all that, you would have already been an ally, a member, a head! You would have been down day 1 Teeka! But you just jump in when it’s worth $$$$$ and then talk about health,,, bah GTFOH! For real! People should stay in they lane! That’s how this business is runnin too.. Upper elite crooks are taking a piece of the market and here comes the bandwagon…
    It hurts 2 listen to these douchees talk about weed.

  5. Well if you ate healthy you wouldn't have eggs Ian eggs iety levels you wouldn't have inflammation so come on people all they want to do is clean your pockets of money so basically what you do is you get up you eat sick food and then you got to go buy yourself a cure you people are the dumbest most uneducated in the world the American people care more about entertainment than they do God if you believe in God read your Bible he'll tell you how to get healthy that's what the bibles are for the Bible is a love story of how God loves you okay and this everything in the world is from God anyway a man puts his hands on it and kurupts it so basically you're paying for your own cancer and once they get you sick then they charge you for chemo thousands of dollars so they can drive their brand new cars you just heard the truth

  6. CBD is something that shouldn't even have to be brought up but since our government made the people sick by Outlaw Towing the foods that are healthy for you meanwhile giving you Foods full of cancer so let's thank the government for all they have done to kill the people to kill our loved ones and to make us very sick and to grow our food with herbicide and pesticide and round up so we can eat it and we can receive our own cancer so I want to thank the government for killing off the population you have done such a wonderful job and while we gets sicker and more sick you raise the rates of healthcare you're totally destroying us and look at the people we're too stupid to understand what's going on

  7. This is a discovery that people know but look at all the people who are suffering if your government really cared about you then you wouldn't be suffering people are suffering because of the government the government doesn't want to give you anything for free even if it could help everyone's health they would rather collect the money for health you know what in the old times no money was transferred unless the person remained healthy now everything is you backwards you pay a doctor when you are sick that means the doctor is in. Doing their job they're not telling you how to remain healthy they don't show you the truth please see people wake up the Health Community is all a lie quiddity quit eating processed foods if you're eating foods from a can or a rapper you're not eating food okay have a nice day want to go eat an apple preferably organic

  8. Not a billion dollar industry..CBD doesn’t even work in 3/4 of people..do your research people don’t bandwagon or sheep heard..read it..not Foogle or Gahoo

  9. What people dont understand is these things work synergistically, cbd, thc, cbn cbg etc.
    They are more effective together

  10. Yeah we see how Marijuana helped the Indians. Most can't quality for a decent job. It's Trash like you that causes young people to overdose. Drugs have torn my families to shreds.

  11. I wanna go around the world and smoke all the weeds of the world. Stop filtering the good stuff outta the weed because then that used up weed is what the criminals sell over here for like 60 bucks an 8th where it's still illegal. I don't even smoke anymore because it's so hard to come by

  12. I been telling everyone this for years now my life is completely possible today because of medical marijuana i was hooked on opioid for over a decade on probation and stuck forever in the worse cycle there is. But guys like this douche bag should give me all the money i lost that whole time knowing all this as fact screaming it to who ever would listen

  13. If you sell drugs and achool you can be rich you don't need to be smart is the most esay way to make money coz it's call dirty money for that you see alot of people don't make it, if you think you are smart make bussnies is real estate gold trading mines ect……

  14. Where can i purchase some good quality & good priced cbd anybody got a website (in the states)

  15. I heard this dude loves anal! Not saying there is anything wrong with it … just saying .. there's a connection

  16. Columbia is so polluted air soil and water system s are getting polluted with Mercury and lead. People are dieing from Mercury poisoning.

  17. Weed crop is apart of black American culture. It was in still is the get rich crop in to make sure black Americans don't become independent from the government they created laws on a planet given by god…

  18. Listen I've been in this industry for 10+ years it's full of morons who have ZERO clue about MMJ and just do it for the MONEY. And it's all rich liberals who vomit propaganda.
    Hahaha edit, this guy brings up racism being the reason for making Marijuana illegal HAHAHAHA.
    And then said the disparages in prison sentences was because of marijuana plant…

  19. As a medical doctor and psychiatrist, board certified in both Canada and Great Britain, please be assured that most of the statements in this video regarding medical cannabis are not supported by medical research. There is a role for cannabis in rare childhood epilepsy, spasms in multiple sclerosis and nausea and vomiting due to cancer chemotherapy not responding to first line treatments. Beyond these conditions the data supporting the benefits of medical cannabis is very poor or non-existent. Cannabis certainly has NOT been proven to treat depression or anxiety and the studies on sleep are not impressive. We await the results of more studies. Until the results are in, do not be mislead by false claims and be aware that cannabis has many downsides.

  20. Use full spectrum hemp for 14 months and transform your body to stop the aging clock .
    Ive used hemp since 1979 This guy just started …hes in it for the $

  21. A bunch of pharmaceutical companies are moving in on this. They will fuck it up for everyone.

  22. Too big of a TREND. Its viable it works but its not this magical thing.
    Imo you need the full spectrum of cannaboids for all the claims that cbd alone makes.
    Cbd by istelf for me anyways is almost pointless without thc.

  23. Recommend video, free game.

    Medicine should never be an industry, and now that we’ve found some of the cheapest and most effective medicine- lets make a video telling rich people how they could possibly profit from this. All that does is tells people to compete and forget the point of the product. Make the best products and don’t be greedy- you will make your living.

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