TEEKA TIWARI – CANNABIS OIL: How CBD Becomes a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry | London Real



  1. They new it's medicine along time ago,yet made illegal and poisonous opioids were sold to the people,with devastating consequences.

  2. Renew your mind and you renew your life!!! Simple as that… Believe is everything , believe in you!!! Love and light🙏☀️🌑

  3. Love what you do Brian, fabulous interviews. Keep doing what you do Sir, all the way from Uganda, East Africa.

  4. CBD and Medical Cannabis have CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! Keep educating people, it's only a matter of TIME! LOVE LIFE! 🙂

  5. CBD Isn’t canibis it’s hemp THC is canibis THC is the CURE stop running from the cure. Pushing this CBD Shite it’s like piss pure propaganda for big pharmaceutical to jump on the wagon and rip people off use we’re slow on this one use fucked up!

  6. We take the frequency of cbd and have advanced it to a text message that you point at water and drink

  7. Please Stop calling CBD Cannabis Oil. It’s NOT
    Cannabis Oil is Rick Simson Oil which contains THC which cures CANCER

    You should have Rick Simson on to talk about it.

    CBD is for pain relief. 2 different things.

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