Tales Of A Doper EP. 27 End of 2017

Come ride with Mendo Dope on the final road trip of 2017. The Mendo Boys take you to the Harvest Party for a smoke session then give you some behind the scenes footage from the final shows…


  1. Wow Mendo Dope & Dre Dogg ,
    How does it get better then that !!!!
    Much love, much respect ✊

  2. Hey if I am living in so cal is there anywhere to buy some of this year's mendo dope harvest?

  3. i'm a fan but i think the dude who grows for u got u them seeds (the one pollenating with u in the other video)
    pretty sure he worships satan, throws up a lotta mason hand signs..
    i understand at this point u lol i get it, i would have 2 a long time ago

    i'll just ask you this
    if the moon's solid why can u see the blue sky behind the unlit part in the daytime?

    if earth rotate how i u can fly NC to cali Cali to NC take's same amount of time..?

    i got 1000 more questions like this for you, but i give u the answer

    what the bible told you is true

    God seperated the waters above, from the waters below, sky's blue b/c ocean above ur head
    type hennesy commercial in youtube watch it, research 1931 august picard, then ask yourself why when you hear picard you think of jean-luc?

    or 300 to u means men in panties with spears, as opposed to the real 300 gangsters from the old testament, Judges 7

    100% of everything we are taught is to hide the truth

    God (Jesus) will make you His son..

    but most ppl blind to the truth

    you will live forever

    i hope u can hear me

    i'm a big fan

    each one of u is nice, spitting, singing, on the instruments,


    i play guitar rap sing and stuff 2

    well i haven't for awhile been in a lot of pain i will again soon

    anyways cheers and keep up the good work

    and either disprove something i said
    or come at me with a question if something u didn't understand..

    or watch maybe my last video and see i give u the Truth

    earth is flat Jesus is God nothing they taught us was true..

  4. Happy New Years to you and your family. May this year be better than the last. 🙏💯🌱🔥💨

  5. Hey man,you got some of that new Mendo Dope? I got these cheeseburgers man! I'M FEINDING 🙂

  6. 37:48 who is the guy with PACCBET T-SHIRT ? Так так так, и что же это у нас тут за новое течение, что за рассвет такой? Парень, был запален 🙂 Гг Интересненько 🙂

  7. Dirty Jersey checking' In , nice job last couple years Gents , much love from the Beast coast.

  8. Mendo Dope live with instruments is killing it! Good to hear both versions of the songs, in-studio and live. Bleezy B beats are always fire of course.

  9. i remember prop215 passing back in 96, and now in just a few day California will go legal, that will cause a landslide of states going legal… the south and midwest will unfortunately be the last to realize the value of this medicine..been smoking since 1988..

  10. hell yeah humboldt/mendo repin,merry christmas to all the weed nerds!! Also so happy the fires are done,the year is almost over time to get back to work ladies and gentleman,make 2018 a booming positive year,Peace!!

  11. Keep up the great work Weed Nerds Grower Love!🚬🔥💨💨💨

  12. When u making a music video to why we grow. When u do that's shits gonna explode across the country

  13. Can you guys sing a song instead of all rap? Not that I complaining, just want to hear y'all sing, 502 cannabis .

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