Taking CBD Oil for Chronic Pain after 30 Days

In this video, I discuss using CBD Oil for managing chronic pain, and my opinion of it, after using it for 30 days. My pain is due to many years with thoracic outlet …


  1. The more research I do, the more confused I get. Everything I'm looking into is talking about a gradual increase up to a certain point. The current strength that I have is 33.33 mg per milliliter, 1000 milligrams per bottle, it is a 30 milliliter bottle.
    So was informed to start low and work up till it feel like it is working. So at this point, yep it is working, first time in years without constipation. 😁

  2. First off…STOP!!!!. You claim to be taking "CBD Oil" for your pain. It amazes me the people such as yourself that rush to get onto Youtube to be Star of the Day, then come on here with no Facts at all, instead you people sit and whine, oh the CBD Oil didn't so anything for me boohoo………. FIRST, Number One: What Oil are you taking and from what company. There is a huge difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil, (did you even know this before you came on here?) What MG was the dose? How often did you take the oil? How many times a day did you take the oil? Do you know the facts and the specifics of what you are even talking about and what you are taking? ………I can guarantee you that you DO NOT!……………… Why do I say these things? Here are the facts. My nephew was born premature at 4 months old. Boston Childrens Hosp. He was born with Cerebral palsy, Blind and distorted for life. Up until 5 years ago he had up to 30 seizures a month, being flown into BCH 4 to 5 times a month. My brother finally decided to use REAL CBD Oil at 1000mg per 10 ounce…..Not the crap hemp oil you can buy at any store or online like you most likely bought. My Nephews seizures went for 20/30 a month to 1 every 3 months. Two of his doctors now come every month to my brothers home to record what is taking place and plan to announce their findings to the New England Journal of Medicine in One more Year! (They have been recording his results now for 4 years) NOT ONLY has the REAL CBD Oil stopped his seizures (3 drops under the tongue and any of his seizures stop withing 60 seconds) But his neuro pathways are regenerating and reforming in his brain. That means his brain is starting to heal itself………… Now for another fact: I have 5 herniated discs, Had thyroid cancer, Lung disease due to chemical overexposure from work its called RADS, Reactive airway dysfunction syndrome, its incurable and I will eventually die from it………………….. I've been on REAL CBD Oil for 14 months, (Not the Hemp garbage in every state being sold)) …I am off all Diabetes Medicines (2 different insulins and pills daily) I am off my inhaler that I had to use Every day, and I have worked down 3 notches of pain meds that I had to take 4 times a day…….. Real people Using REAL CBD Oil are getting tremendous results…………………..So PLEASE Stop being complete morons and coming onto YOUTUBE to be Star of the Day…… You most likely are using a cheap ass hemp oil you bought online or in a vape store, Not real CBD that you would either have to get through your Doctor………………..Your false claims using false products does Harm to real people that could benefit from using real CBD Oils…………………For God Sakes do real Research before you even think about shouting out to the general public………………………… If you have used a garbage product of hemp oil that you bought at any local store then please delete this entire blog and video, if this is the case you should be ashamed of yourself and at least get real facts information and products before you do this again. Real people, real pain and real life, act responsible.

  3. Try copiaba from Brazil a cousin, Walmart online for $15/8 oz. I use topically and it works fine as PART of your pain relief regimen. Does not take days or weeks to work. Similar to lidocaine.

  4. Okay, so I have not tried any other products besides the hemp flower and I have tried the oil you rub on the skin. I know the products well and I know that the oil I tried to use on my skin didn't help my pain at all. I have wondered how different the vape would differ from the straight flower. I suffer from severe pain, inflammation, and other issues. I started to vape on regular basis in order to stop smoking. Remember CBD with little to no thc, IS legal in all 50 states. Symptoms I have from an illness that has no cure (endometriosis) includes nausea, headache, pain, insomnia, fatigue, sleepy all day, and normally no motivation. My tension headaches normally will be gone 10 mins after smoking. I've tried ACDC, and purple Haze. Purple Haze I like so far because it helps depression, anxiety, pain, and I'm in a happier mood all together. It never makes me sleepy, however happy, and focused. ACDC on the other hand puts me straight to sleep. I recently purchased from buylegalmeds however plan on looking around at other sites. Our doctors office even sales some of the hemp flower but it's often pricey there. Doctors don't know how to handle endometriosis and the million different symptoms that come along so they tend to do surgery after surgery (I have surgery 4 coming up as we speak) and a lot of doctors prescribe what I call a temporary band-aid and normally it results in addiction which is not what anyone wants to deal with on top of all of the other issues.

  5. This guy is hustling you. He posts multiple videos. I tried 3 brands sold over the web, all 3 had high reviews, every kind of medical lab purity testing and claimed to all be the very best available. After finishing off each bottle none of them had worked on my chronic pain, anxiety or peripheral neuropathy even when I tripled the dose of the 300mg strength. Only effect was wild dreams. I really wanted to stop taking gabapentin so in a last desperate move I ordered pure industrial hemp flower buds from an online site and farm based in Oregon. HOLY CRAP, this stuff tastes, smells and smokes exactly like high grade skunk weed pot! You absolutely could sell it to potheads who would have no idea it was hemp until they figured out the buzz lasts only 2 minutes. I had not savored that mouth watering flavor in over 30 years. But it is totally legal in all 50 states, having a very low THC content but 17% pure CDB oil by weight. It is sold by the gram, only the lower potency clippings are sold by the ounce or pound. It was shipped in neatly sealed foil lined pouches fast in US mail. I am not shilling for them, try any brand of hemp you find. I found it harsh on the throat from a pipe so I tried eating it, long lasting effect when breaking up a pea sized chunk of a bud into my food twice a day. It completely stops my neuropathy but makes it hard to fall asleep if taken too close to bed time, that's probably just me, a light sleeper.

  6. so glad I looked at your video what happen to the kratom there is a non profit that tells you the only reliable brands tested very high cbd content there number is 719 347 5400 there are only 3 brands In the US pain takes a lot of milligrams best of luck to you also DNRS or Gupta program It Is using using nueroplasticity to heal the body there is also the gerson method which has healed thousands of people all over the world of cancer and diseases that are called incurable there institute is In many Country's but not allowed In the US May you have a brand NEW YEAR OF VIBRANT HEALTH AND LOVE

  7. TOS enjoy your video. CBD oil is really good. It does take the edge off. Its not a miracle cure. Everything has its limits. I have back issues myself and I can only imagine the pain you are in with 3 back surgeries. The pain your in could possibly be to much for anything but heavy duty drugs. This is CBD that is Full Spectrum 750mg that really helps me, with or without THC. People can order it here. http://www.HempWorx.com/ljclark6

  8. I haven't had much luck with cbd as alot of others have, i used it for about seven months and i started back to a higher dose. Iam having severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg! I hope it works better for you! Love your videos!

  9. I don't like what I am seeing here. I will admit to only seeing a few videos, but with that said you are smiling a lot less, you appear to be more fidgety, and less happy and possibly in more pain then the other video's I watched. Truthfully, I am seeking out answers for my own behalf like many others, but I also have your best interest at heart. It could of been an off day. Happy holidays to you and yours and all who may read this.

  10. Are you taking your CBD oil sublingual: holding it under the tongue for at least 30 seconds? Have you considered increasing the number of mg per dose? I left a post on your other video (the one where you reported your experience after 3 days). Here's an example of a CBD oil product that contains 1029mg of CBD in a one fl. oz. (30 ml.) bottle. The price is $60. https://shop.marchandash.com/product/select-oil-unflavored-cbd-30ml
    Have you considered trying transdermals? Such as Cannarginals EmuBlack transdermal – https://cannariginals.com/ This cream – with an emu oil base – is rubbed into the area you wish to treat. emu oil is excellent for transdermal absorption. I've seen videos of a man who couldn't move his arm after a laborious day of work. His son rubbed-in the cream (spent several minutes) and his father ultimately regained movement and relief. Anyhow…just another delivery method.
    Alternately, some folks grow plants from clones, harvest, and make their own oils….which drastically reduces the cost…but then, it's research, work, safety issues, etc.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences online…I wish you all the best.

  11. Chronic pain and seizures with degenerate disk and 2 inch difference in legs length plus broke my leg skiing last year. Dang I’m a wreck. TRYING OILS NOW

  12. Curious what mg you are using. I vape CBD, I use 1000mg, I vape 6 puffs hold about 3 seconds, 2-4 times a day depending on what my body is going through.
    I am only 2 weeks in, so I can only say that it DEFINITELY relaxes me, EXCEPTIONAL for any level of anxiety at this dosage, and I agree, it take A LOT of adjusting up/down and how much how often, to tune into your particular body. I used to think I always had trouble getting a good deep breath sometimes, particularly when driving around, thought I was just very sensitive to exhaust and smoke of any sort. Nope. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, particularly when in public, in a car. 2puffs of vape and I am good to go👌.
    Anyway, I started with CBD tincture rubbed on my hip/knee( need both replaced), but rubbing the tincture directly on works like heaven. In the words of a friend, “makes my leg feel like jelly”. Yup lol, yes it does. It works for maybe 4-5 hrs at that level, and that is a dropper full or so.
    ALSO!! Use GROUPON!! I am getting $129 for 90ml, for , depending on strength, but via Groupon I am paying $69 for mine. But that is the vape oil. But seriously, use GROUPON whenever possible for this once you decide if you are going to stick with it, makes it very worth it. (Though I recommend checking the site the deal is from for the exact product listed to see that it is in stock, because once you pay Groupon, there isn’t a refund, and Groupon has no clue if it is even available)

    Good luck. Hope you figure out a way to help your pain.

    I, at 51, am delving into possibly using thc for the very first time ever in my life to help get off many of my presc meds-as the vape has taken me off my anxiety meds & lowered my bipolar meds already, I am doing this all with doctors input/consent. My bro makes some high end dab drink that made me woozy/tipsy after just a literal SIP! to bad he is several states away. Trying to decide now if the risk of shipping it is worth the payoff of it, or the price of being caught. Now THAT stuff took care of my pain!!!
    There is a drink somewhat similar but about 20X less strong, called KoolAid, probably spelled differently, so if CBD doesn’t work, and/or you don’t care to smoke the thc, look into that. Happy to compare notes should you want to private message me. Look me up on messenger. Best of luck!!

  13. Did you stop taking the Kratom? I'm still using both the Kratom and the CBD oil and still have days where I need the pain meds – especially when weather events change the pressure. Wish there was some consistent way to control the pain. It's wearing me down. For my degenerative arthritis in my Left elbow, I get best results using nightengale-remedies.com and blue emu together – 3-4 times a day. That gives me better results than the cortisone shots.

  14. Hey Tim Man you have done some videos on cupping.. I have pec minor syndrome Along with the postop rib resection’s bilaterally. How long do you leave the cups on an area? Also do you use them on your chest and your pectoralis area

  15. CBD oil does nothing for me. I’m sorry, but it does nothing. Joints on the other hand, make me feel pretty good. I feel relaxed, and my muscles relax too. But I stink afterwards too, and it only lasts maybe 30 minutes.

    My opioid prescription definitely helps more.

  16. "Hey guys"…lmao!~ notice this guy seems more happier and his speech is more kick back…like
    " hey dude"…then he went out and bought another bottle…:D. …now he wants to stretch out and do yoga..

  17. In my experience keep some oil around to use when you feel like you may have ingested too much THC. It can help balance out some of the uncomfortable feelings some experience from the higher potency products

  18. Save your money on the CBD oil and find someone at the dispensary to help pick out a nice strain with a 2-1 or 3-1 CBD/THC ratio, it won't make you feel high and will help with your anxiety and take an edge off your pain.

    As an aside, I find less is more with pain medications. I tapered off Norco and use Kratom only and a little cbd/thc in the evening. My pain level improved when I tapered off Norco and I feel much better emotionally. This is just my experience. It might not be a good idea to use Norco with Kratom either, you may end up with side effects from combining these two and it may be making your pain worse.

  19. My Doctor wants me to get my cannabis lic. Here in Florida it's medical only and still looks like kind of a pain and cost to much. Kinda crazy to me , i was smoking in the 70's before a lot of this people were born. Problem is here in pain management when your tested, you don't want to pop even with the lic..So,So many rules we don't need !

  20. Was concerned you were gone now I can see why. I will say it will take about 3-6 months of straight CBD oil to decrease the long term inflammation then wean down to a maintenance level. Indica Dominant Medical Marijuana is the strain that takes you out of body a bit and is relaxing . Makes sense with Chronic Pain that a bit out of body is a good thing at least for me. Screw these uncaring Doctors and their Legislative problems with an " Opioid Crisis" . Uh I am sure the junki downtown are getting their" Fix" as we speak. Those
    Folks woundnt know what an Opioid is, usually. Obviously a Rich persons issue. 😃

  21. Hey lovely friend 💞👍❤️❤️💞 amazing video 👍 🤩 big like 👍 🤩🤩 🤩

  22. Thanks for being a guinea pig for all of us with CPS. I was really hoping you would have loved it and would of felt excellent. I am disappointed with the results you have gotten. 😢 I am just so tired of living in pain and all the crap people give us. I wish I could transfer it to them, then they'd shut up and understand. If you find anything that helps please post ASAP! 😊Thanks

  23. The CBD oil doesn't really lower my pain level either but it does tend to have a calming effect, like you said. I'll be very interested in your results after using a stronger ratio. Hope it works for you!🤗

  24. Have you ever tried using "One hundred percent pure honey" But it in your food on a daily bases. I've heard good things about. You never know. That would be a great thing if it helped you. I wish you the best. God bless you my friend.

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