Super Bowl 2019 Weed Commercials – (WWB #2)

So this week, I thought i’d cover the Superbowl weed commercials… or lack therof, as well as Oregon & Canada’s weed export issues. [MY SOCIAL MEDIA] …


  1. I live in oregon, and I get $40 ounces, and no they are not shwage at all. we are talking stick it under your nut sack, go for a run, and it will still be there sticky. not that you would want to smoke it if it was under a sweaty nut sack, but you get the idea. so ya, we do have a massive supply of cannabis here.

  2. So glad that you think for yourself instead of following the herds! 👍This is why I've followed you for years, thanks for being an actual human! 👍Puff on and be groovy my man! 😎

  3. goes on educated rant about the historical importance of recognizing culture
    Josh: whoops anyway back to smoking weed

  4. "marihuana is a beautiful" word with beautiful roots", indeed, nothing is more beautiful than the spanish inquisition xdd

  5. Sounds to me like the superbowl which im fairly certain is watched primarily by adults old enough to drink would rather try to hold on to their more conservative audience that would throw a fit over weed then to risk losing viewers (anymore viewers then the teams are losing for them anyway) people in general dont care about alcohol people still do care about weed

  6. Wait a second, I just got here having not checked on Josh in about a year and a half. Did something happen to the channel? Where did all the old videos go?

  7. Wy@ josh.
    Ive been watching your vids for years and youve been slippin in content and how much u post just miss seing u be ur happy self

  8. Just smoked a bowl in my grav labs straight shot with some g g #4 bud , gg#4 keef, and .3 of wax in the middle of the bud and keef. Nice combo after work

  9. I wasn’t paying attention for a second and looked up when I heard ‘Enslaving natives’ I was like wow Josh goes hard 😂😂

  10. "I hope you guys are packing a bowl cause were getting ready to smoke some weed" I'm actually in school listening to this while I work 😂😂

  11. You introduced me to "seshing" online years ago, and you're still providing great vibes and topics. Power to your journey. Cheers brother.

  12. I have a quick question. I have 2 cartridges. One is a roach and the other is a little less than a gram. Suppose I mix both carts will it mess up the cartridge ?

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