Step by Step How to Plant Outdoor Cannabis

Step by Step How to Plant Outdoor Sun Grown Cannabis – Spring growing season is here in BC, watch my step by step video on how I plant outdoor sun grown …


  1. Why did you cut it out at the first step .!? You just have to squese it gentle. What a plastik waste

  2. I’m gonna start growing in my backyard. Do I need all those medications and remedies? Or are they just fine if I give them some good soil and fertilizer and good sunlight along with good amount of water??

  3. Hello! I’ve recently started my own grow operation 😂 how often do you water your plants, I have miracle grow, hiw often?

  4. Outsides, you can literally drop a seed and come back 4 months later. Indoors is whats tricky.

  5. Probley a little late but hey never late then never lol but u my friend get a new subscriber outside growing tips is what I need nd can barely find🤣

  6. I have 2 plants that i started. I bring them inside at night should i just keep them outside ?

  7. Compost, Topsoil, and Sand. Fill pots with your mix then pre-water before planting and the trays keep water longer if you don't mess them up.

  8. You wont have any fertilizers in the end product if you flush it before
    Heard great things about fox farms

  9. I started growing 3 days ago. In the first 2 days i left my seeds indide on 2 wet towels. I was droping water every 6 hours in order to keep them wet and all went good. My seeds poped up.But today it was the day that i had to plant them. I opened my towels to see the seeds and i saw that the seeds was seperated from the plants. Now i planted my plants in pots and watered them each one with 50ml water. Is it ok that the plants have seperated from the seeds?

  10. How old were these plants when you transplanted them? I have 3 seedlings that are almost 2 weeks old and growing indoors, waiting to transplant them into large pots outdoors but can't find any videos like yours that actually state how old the plants are at the time of transplant. Thanks!

  11. Man during the growing until the harvest you only use water to hidrate the plant or you use some sort of fertilizer?

  12. I have three new sprouts but there growing directly up and are growing limbs outwards i have a 3 month old that is doing the same how can i fix this?

  13. I have 3 growing in same pot. Is this reasonable? Starting off. Yellow leaves I take off but no buds. Idk if I have males or female s .any advice will take

  14. Aren't the pots too big for a small plant? Don't you risk the water draining to the bottom and away from the roots too fast?

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