1. I was buying Qs n Zs of straight cbd n I weren’t feeling it cah I thought cbd was head high but after watching this and smoking a cbd joint properly I really do feel the bodily effects, massive thanks guys I ain’t touching thc ever again

  2. got my first 3gms of legal cbcd today. I have to say im diggin it. Ill be smoking normal high thc on the weekends and cbd during the week. Its good as you dont get any of the parranoia you get with regular weed and you do get a buzz its just a very different buzz (in a good way) if you havnt tried it you should its great.

  3. I have PTSD and bipolar disorder, and very bad back pain, I have been smoking street weed for nearly 20 years to self medicate, I have also had many years of pharmaceutical drugs like lithium, tramadol and diazepam and many others, today I have tried CBD bud for the first time and it's like someone has flicked a switch, within minutes, pain gone, flashbacks gone and mind at peace and clear as a bell for the first time in years, yesterday I took 30mg of diazepam, 200mg of tramadol and it got nothing like the results of smoking half a gram of 16% CBD bud, this is a game changer for me, I have taken no pharmaceutical drugs today.

  4. Yo have you only just started out on here or something cuz you guys no how to do a good review how come you not go any more views??

  5. Good vid guys. Good to see UK heads bringing it. U guys gotta get a mic tho. I can hardly hear u lot. Big up tho.

  6. I found the older I get the harder it is to get street weed lol. So this stuff does the job for me ..but I'm a old bastard. It's basically how weed used to be.

  7. Id appritiate if u read all this.
    Thank you so much this video is mad u explained every thing here and evrything.
    So i been researching a little cos i think i might have phycosis cos sometimes wen im high i get the symtoms of phycosis and its hard to explain but uve explained everything so well both u thank you. Cos thc does this and i was thinking of trying to find this type of bud but ur video is the only really useful one out of all of this.
    And so obviously consuming more thc will cause phycosis happen more and leed to schizethrenia watever it is

  8. As someone who has smoked for nearly a decade and really struggled to reliably get high CBD strains (I smoke 50/50 medicinal/recreational) I really appreciate having a video reviewing stuff I can order without having to get in the back of a car with tinted windows or look over my shoulder down an alleyway or go to some guy's flat on my own. Lots of weedtubers just say 'oh it's nice' and not much else. Your descriptions are helpful. I will miss the THC a bit ,but as a chronic pain sufferer I know this will really help me. Thanks.

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