1. It sucks cuz I have to be 21 to use it but I'm 17 I kind of want to try it see if It can help with my Panic / anxiety attacks not that I want to use it but whatever it takes to cope with these attacks

  2. I know for me and from personal experience that CBD helped at first. It helped me with pain, tension, anxiety, and sleep. Then as time went on, two weeks to be exact, CBD actually made everything worse for me and did nothing no matter how much I smoked/Vaped.

    Now I'm not trying to discourage anyone from try it to see if it helps them or not. In matter of try it and find out for your self. I know some people have a different view and that is ok, don't use it or encourage it.

    I'm not saying anything negative or positive here, I'm sharing my thoughts and experience with the subject.

    Thank for the video.
    Peace Love and Blessings to you.

  3. Intresting video. I am personally kinda against any type of drugs but I still loved seing this video.

  4. I drink due to my anxiety. It makes my anxiety and panic attacks awful! Medicinal marijuana is AMAZING!

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