Smoked Weed? Experiecing Depersonalization? WATCH THIS! (YOU ARE NOT ALONE!) (2019)

If you are experiencing Depersonalization from smoking weed, or, if you are experiencing Derealization from smoking weed (or experiencing DPDR continually …


  1. this makes so much sense! and really does help !!! its all about perspective & that can change your life !

  2. WHY THE FUCK DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS WHEN SMOKING WEED????? This is something everyone should be aware of which is why if they're going to smoke weed, they should start off small and get their body adjusted to the feeling of the weed portions.

  3. this video saved me. I thought i was going crazy and my my brain was fried. I was terrified of getting into that panic attack state again, you saved me thank you so much. Now i know that my body is not actually shutting down

  4. I felt constantly high for like 9 months idk wtf was going on . I self experimented for a while trying to get rid of the feeling and I found that staying up for 24 hours 1 time a week really helped. Towards the end of the 24 hours like 8am 9 am I would feel really normal for an hour or two and I truly believe that it was the morning sun that snapped me out of it . After 2 months the bad feeling was 80% gone the only thing that bugged me was that I was worried that It could come back but it didn’t and after 4 years Im good and kinda miss the feeling as bad as that might sound.

  5. I was someone with this issue. I had it a total of 6 months. The thing is, it’s not that it took 6 months for it to fade, it took 6 months for me to realize that I need to change my mindset, once I did that, there was like a dramatic decrease in the bad feeling like within a week

  6. I wish I found this last night, I had the worst trip and I felt like I was going in and out of reality, my heart was racing really bad and as I was doing thing I kept on thinking I was dreaming then i would black out, so I just couldn't take it anymore and I went to sleep. I legit thought I was going to have a heart attack

  7. My derealization and depersonalization is awful. I lay in bed all day everyday with zero motivation to do anything or go get a job or function. Life feels like life is all a video game to me and Idk how to fix it .

  8. So if I'm experiencing depersonalization and derealization when I'm sober, the cognitive effects, the visual effects, and the physical effects from when I first experienced this high, should I go to a doctor? It's been two months since I've smoked, and it's going on still. It's not as intense, although it can be, but it's still pretty much day to say but very miniscule. I can still experience it and it's effecting myself and how I am, is now the time to go to a doctor and see what they say?

  9. Somebody please help just give me suggestions I don’t know what to do I’ve felt like this for two days I don’t know how I’m gonna do anythjng

  10. Omg thank u so much I finally know how to control this and forget about this I was scared I had no clue what was wrong with me but since I watched this I feel a lot better about this 💙

  11. 4:40 Oh my god. This is just so scary, because it is so accurate. This is why I have intense anxiety when eating in public. I keep focussing on how I eat, so the natural procedure of eating (using the spoon as a tool etc.) isn't automatic anymore. Instead, my mind actively focusses on how the spoon is used to take food and shove it into my mouth. I developed techniques that made it look a little bit more natural, but 98% of times it looks really awkward. Like many of you probably, I get considered a "stoner" even though I don't smoke weed. People generally assume that because my mind is so focussed on myself, on unnecessary things that really don't matter, etc. I'm very glad I found this channel. Just about half a year ago I never heard the word derealisation/depersonalization, even though I'm having it since 12 years, after I moved from Argentina to Germany. It was a huge stress situation for me and I never fully recovered from it. Having some panic attacks since a few weeks now (gradually decreasing), but it's hard. Wishing the best to everybody having the same problems!
    *Light sensitivity.. just the fact that you mention it really gives me relief. This is why during the day I'm having a really hard time, because the sunlight really makes me feel weird, and when everything is so bright I kind of dissociate and can't concentrate, etc. I remember when I first felt this. It was after a night with only poor sleep in 9th grade. I felt really really bad the next day, so tired I literally had the desire to "die" (disappear somehow). And it went on for some very hard many months.The feeling of DR was really intense.

  12. Im too high and paranoid and going bad that i even think this video was made up just to trick me and make me think that life is real while its actually not real

  13. I had depersonalization after i smoked one joint and it passed after like 3 hours,you just need to relax and im not going to lie,it was kinda beautiful

  14. Thank you so much for making this video. I’ve always thought I had depersonalization disorder, but I had never heard it explained so perfectly like this

  15. how is it like when im meditate? You are focusing on youre body and should i do meditation? thx for answers

  16. I smoked weed last week. I have weed only handful of times. However, two times smoking from made me maniac. I had bad trip followed by good trip. I felt like I was in five to seven different places, while holding my friend because it was making me so hard. While I tried to observe it, it was making me to act weired. Even though I didn't wanted to say something, I was saying, I was doing acting of different actors. My rational part of the brain was seeing it, and I was telling to my friend, I don't know why I doing various things and saying it. I thought that preforntal cortex gets drowsy and emotional part of the brain gets light up. I tried so hard to not do anything and observe it, but it was not coming in my rational alignment. I knew the crazy thing that I was saying and turning into different person wasn't me, again I would act negatively and say that it's not really me to my friend. I just don't know what was going on with me. I was able to see what was happening to me, bit wasn't able to hit the break. Not sure if that would be called depersonaliztion too. If observing body would be depersonaliztion then what's the difference in mindfulness meditation like Vipasna and the thing you are telling? Thanks!!!!

  17. Hi! Well i had an lsd trip like month ago and i was completely fine then last week I smoked some weed and I think I have depersonalization but I’m not sure, my vision is blurry and I have really bad anxiety, I feel like I’m dreaming all the time but sometimes I snap back into reality but then it comes back again, I don’t know what to do I’m freaking out, I have panic attacks everyday, kind of feels like I’m coming down from a trip, but I feel stuck is it normal? Am I going to be okay?

  18. You almost ascended to next level high, but you gave into fear, and got stuck. Next time just let go, enjoy the ride, and you will experience pure euphoric bliss.

  19. Oh. My. God!!! This is what I’ve been dealing with the past 6 months and finally found the answer to why I feel like this! Thank youuuu

  20. for me i was walking with two friends in the middle of the road at like 9 o'clock at night. we'd been smoking a for a bit and i felt it but not that much, so i took another hit. that hit fuCKed me up man. there was this chunk of time that felt like 5 minutes but it was probably only a few seconds, where i was completely gone, like idk what happened but i have no memory of it. i snap out of it and i legit thought i was dreaming for a minute, but then i realise, "wait. no i'm not. this is real fucking life, and i am just REALLY high." i keep going in an out of thinking i'm dreaming and realising i'm not… basically it felt like i was not in control of my body and i was just floating around watching this happen from a 3rd person POV. i had tunnel vision and my mind was racing, everything going on around me felt fake- like it was a movie playing on in the background but you're not really paying much attention to it. i almost felt like i was going in and out of conscious but i was still walking normally the entire time. i remember freaking out and saying i'm not real and saying i was astral projecting. then it clicked to me that i was in the middle of the road with fucking cars, so now i'm clinging onto my friend begging her not to let me get hit while also screaming, repeatedly, in the middle of this neighbourhood "I AM FUCKING DYING." at one point i just started running, like bolted down the street (still yelling about how i was dying and how i'm not real). it never crossed my mind once how loud i was being because i genuinely thought that was it for me, i believed that i was going to die because i was so mother fucking smacked. this all happened within like 10 minutes (but it felt like hours because my sense of time was far, far gone)

  21. Cannabis activates your pineal gland. You didn't have depersonalization. You didn't have a panic attack. You should learn the facts and truth about the brain and cannabis.

  22. Is this really an issue? I smoked weed every day for 3 years straight and now I gave up on it since 2 months, with no problems at all. I don't feel the way you guys feel. What does that mean though?

  23. Fuck my life. This is me everyday, high or sober, but now as I watch this video I fucking realize marijuana makes my derealization/depersonalization WORSE omfg every day every single thing like wtf wOW I don't even know what to say at this moment in time wow wow wow WOW !!!! This is like the first time I ever found some thing that I related to awe fuck me I love weed damn bro man this sucks like what if it's not caused by marijuana and like you feel it sober too ?? 😭😭😭

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