1. Don't give weed to kids. Kids who are introduced to Marijuana are very likely to become addicted to it. I'm not saying that weed is bad. It's certainly bad if you abuse it. Taking it all the time, whether or not you even need it, is abusing it. If you need it so you can calm down. Maybe you need it to get through the day without being to frustrated. There are applications for getting high or smoking CBD. You just should not give kids TCH. Kids don't mentally develop correctly if they're high all the time.

  2. I don't see why not. CBD won't get you high, and as long as it gets approved, and the parent agrees I don't see a problem. When medical marijuana becomes legally used in all states, and begins to be used as much ibuprofen, then people who are against it will see how good it is, and all the benefits it actually has.

  3. Can't wait till our country introduces this soo agree. Paracetamol does not help my lil boy's celiac I admin cbd oil drops, and chocolates. It's kills me to see him pain and deteriorate 😔 but as soon as he has choc drops he's fine. I've tried everything name it and only medical marijuana works for him.

  4. I thought the oil part of marijuana was held the health benefits not the actual use of the drug in its edible or smokable form.

  5. As a nurse, if its not within the scope of practice, i will not do it coz im endangering life and my license. Better let a relative do it.

  6. No, I dont think a nurse should have to administer medical marijuana, especially without training and especially not if it isnt FDA approved!
    Yes I do agree that they need to be trained IF THEY ARE COMFORTABLE to do it and that their insurance should cover it just like it SHOULD be covered for a doctor! Some people medically need this and in my eyes it's no different then telling a kid with diabetes "No I'm sorry, im not comfortable with giving you your meds" and the child missing valuable class time!

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