1. I been procrastinating investing in CDB oil for a while and I just checked and they’re up $8 in shares. I’m kicking myself right now. I was ready but scared.

  2. Soo do I or do I don’t invest in cannabis I was too high and everything just went through one ear and out the other

  3. In 2014, you could spend $60 on three grams of cannabis at a dispensary in Oregon. Now you can spend $50 for 28 grams and the quality is even better. The consumer benefits immensely but growers are at a loss.

  4. I'm sure the weed businesses in legal states now will be juggernauts in the industry compared to the new up starting businesses that will pop up once it becomes legal nationally. This is gonna put the states late to the party at a serious disadvantage.

  5. If you own Vanguard world ETF or any other vanguard index ETF's, you are an indirect investor in marijuana and everything else.

  6. Prediction: 50 years from now, my legal colleagues in the future will craft some sort of tort theory to sue cannabis companies for some purported harm that was caused by cannabis.

  7. loved that dank pun counter. Your videos are very informative and really run. Please, please keep it up.

  8. Someone go back and count the puns. I'm not an English first speaker and my brain is smoking

  9. Decriminalization, not legalization. Legalization feeds the myths that it's actually "good" for you.

  10. It doesn’t matter how many such companies are you investing in. If the sector is not growing by these companies growing, but by adding new companies, you will gain nothing.

    And don’t forget, starting a new business here is easy. So you can invest in a such company, but if someone else can just start a new one, they will be crushed by competition.
    It is like investing into a potato farm. Yeah everyone buys potato, but also everyone can produce and sell it.
    Only invest in companies which have some competitive advantage, which cannot be just copied by other companies. Like a brand name which is known to everyone.

    Anyway, since it is a risky business, I wouldn’t recommend it ANYONE here, who are following this channel because they are struggling with their monthly budget.

  11. Would anyone actually consider investing into a weed company in south Africa since weed just became legal over here?

  12. I think people will always buy weed once a pothead always be a pothead I know my dad is one and he still one to this day.

  13. Hi…I have one question…not related to topic….how you create these wonderful background animation

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