1. Sounds to me that your drug problem was not caused by cannabis but from your curiosity and experimental history of harder drugs. How I feel is, cannabis is non-toxic. Yes it has medicinal qualities that are very helpful for the human body. It boils down to personal responsibility. I feel that the problem is what's in a person's heart.

  2. This is extremely ironic that someone trying to help people get over sex addiction is starting a cannabis company…let me tell you as a recovering sex addict myself and an addict to smoking pot for 12 years. I HAD to stop smoking pot because it made me more sexually aroused and was a MAJOR road block to abstaining from sexual behaviours and my recovery. It also put me in a frame of mind that I would relapse much more because I did not care as much while I was high

  3. Well look into #Kanehbos #Kanehbosm

    Cannabis was the main ingredient in 2 oils. One for the Sanctuary Incense and the other for personal use.

    It was used in the Holy of Holies and in tents to communicate with G*d.

    There's a reason we're born with cannabinoid receptors and why Hashem made it in the first place.

  4. the same thing that made them légalisé alcohol is the same thing that made them want to do it with weed.. capitalism.. its the scum of the earth.. christ scourned the people that follow this and the élites that sit on their lofty places. but yet when we talk about healthcare that should be for the poor the capitaliste get upset. they dont want poor people to benefit from the same luxuries as rich. its like guys develop yourself go to expensive universités and if you cant afford we will giv you a loan to stagnate you when you finish. the motto is get rich and be like one of us and take care of your family.. its sad the world we created where all things godly are shunned and all things evil are praised

  5. A gun dealer told me the other day that he knows a couple of people who have a legal marijuana card and because of that they can no longer buy a gun. I KNEW that was coming.

  6. I used to do all sorts of drugs before Christ entered my life. I believe in Christ now and I've cut out all of the drugs minus pot. I don't think Christian's "should" smoke and yet I find myself still believing and still smoking. So there it is.

  7. A Howard Stern/Baba Booey crank call on this show? Weird. Anyway, I've smoked pot before because I don't really like drinking. Alcohol affected my coordination and motor skills and marijuana didn't seem to at all. It always gave me a headache as well, whereas pot wouldn't. I experimented with harder drugs and got drunk in my youth (never heroin, I believed the hype on that one) but never overindulged or got hooked and let them go fairly early on, but continued smoking for years after that with no adverse effects to speak of.

    Is smoking a joint any different than a couple of glasses of wine? Not really, but you still have your motor skills and coordination. And no amount of pot smoke can mess a person up like excessive amounts of alcohol. Pot has a ceiling and a limit to the high and the high is much milder but alcohol goes much further and the high is much more intense and can make a person really wild, weird, sloppy…and violent.

    I still think that if all the folks that drink, replaced it with it with cannabis, there would be a lot less death due to car accidents and violence. I've never known anybody to smoke a lot of pot , then go home and beat the wife or kill the dog in a fit of violence before. But I've known plenty of drunks that got hammered and did. I'd have to say that pot's better than alcohol in those aspects. Marijuana is, after all, just a plant that grows out of the ground that doesn't really require processing and modifying like cocaine or heroin. I always thought this was kind of a funny slogan.

    "God is perfect, man is not. Man made whiskey, God made pot."

  8. God has convicted me of this very thing…Also I made edibles a few weeks back and ingested too much and it seemed that i was experiencing i near psychotic break. The thing that got me thru was listening to the audio bible and focusing on that…Thanks for talking about relevant things.

  9. I wouldn't put any confidence in ANYTHING this FALSE PROPHET and FALSE PROPHET LOVER says! Brown is nothing more than a tool of satan, that rubs elbows with the likes of HEIDI BAKER! Need I say MORE!!

  10. I use it to combat my PTSD… I have trouble thinking and other mental issues it has helped me tremendously. I was put on mind chemical changing drugs such as Ritalin when I was about 7 years old and was never able to get my thinking straight again until I started smoking and it's like everything changed and I also know they speak of Cana bosom in the Bible as being part if the holy anointing oil.

  11. Weed is a natural herb that has been scientifically shown too have many health benefits. Alcohol is way more toxic and dangerous then weed is. There is a reason why weed is becoming legal everywere now. I smoke good quality weed everyday and it relaxes me and doesn't take away any of my judgements. And yes i get it legally 👍

  12. Jesus came to me while I was high on LSD. I was completely set free from all drugs and even cigarettes instantly. When people doubt it was real, I just say, “when else was he supposed to come to me? I was always high. Did he have to wait until that one sober moment in between so that other people might believe?”

  13. To your point dr about being sober and vigilant I agree but in the book of romans 8:38 i truly believe protects us against that roaring lion, things seen and unseen cant separate us from the love God has for us. Absent from the body is present with the lord.

  14. Everything in moderation, christ wouldn't have turned water into wine if he didnt want us to consume alcohol, so in my opinion I think the most high wouldn't mind but once it takes over your life and God isn't no.1 I think it's a problem. Cant dismiss the fact in the old testament they burned hemp and cannabis as a pleasing aroma to the most high in the temple.

  15. I used to smoke because of the lies people came up with to make it seem normal and okay and they used to manipulate me after i was high enough.
    Because the level of care dropped.
    So once they saw that got to their level then they would introduce other things to me and other ideas and other ways of doing life contrary to the bible and non of them are doing good in life. I was doing good in life and my life crashed and then when i went back to God he immediately told me to stop and as soon as i did my life went back to where i was doing good again and making money again. I never went from job to job before i smoked. Then i smoked and all of a suden my mindset was crupt and everyone was against me and it was all about me.

    No! Period. I have only met low lives who smoke.
    Even if you are rich and smoke their mindset is not of God which still makes you a low life because you can't elevate your thinking to the ways of God. It hinders you in all ways. It keeps you stupid.

  16. Why do you keep comparing LSD, needles, n other stuff…
    Also are you one of those who think ya can't drink alcohol at all, although the bible doesn't…just drunkenness…
    Explain to me why God created it? I don't see moderate use as bad…I love my lord an savior Jesus Christ, ….
    Also sooo sick of hearing about it being a gateway drug…moronic…
    Like I said, why did God create it?

  17. we must be able to hear GOD .when he speaks i hear him.and i do what he says ,because he is a good GOD,so if he calls us home then we go.why smoking pot to stay would be a good thing .there is no sting in my death…..if the holy spirt is calling and you can hear so be it.if the enemy tells you diffrent son be it.GOD dont create tragedy but he will do miralcale with it.

  18. have a relationship with JESUS and do what makes him smile….people this is a inside job.dont let the enemy use your thoughts to build a stronghold in your mind,this is a langage of the heart.

  19. Since in the very beginning of the video dr. Brown takes medical use off of the table, which I am all for, and wants to address recreational use only, I ask how it is different from being drunk? The answer is, it is not different, and the Bible does have a lot to say about that. If you choose to become drunk via alcohol or marijuana or anything, you are violating the word of God.

  20. I had a hard time letting go of smoking pot I always had conviction every time I went back to it and finally made the choice that I need to stay away from it but I know of so many Christians that do it and don’t feel convicted at all and justify it 100% and u just can’t get through to them because they enjoy it too much all I can do is tell them my experience


  22. Should Christians fornicate ? Should Christians commit adultery ? Should Christians practice homosexuality? Wasn't it considered illegal. Should Christians lie ? Should Christians murder babies by way of abortion? It has been legalized up until now in many places Should Christians steal ? You tell me! This is absolutely absurd! Should Christians be getting ready for the Rapture of the church should be the question of the day!

  23. I don't see anywhere in Scripture that God tells Adam that vegetation was given to us to smoke. vegetation was given to us for food not to smoke and after the fall we know that's some vegetation is even poisonous so the whole argument for cannabis being natural and okay to smoke doesn't pass the smell test. Our lungs were designed for oxygen not to smoke chemicals or vegetation or anything else that includes vaping.

    Other than legitimate medicinal uses…which I am still somewhat skeptical about ….most people just want to get high that's their reason for smoking pot… similar to The Reason Why many people drink they want the intoxicating effects of alcohol plain and simple

  24. I'm from Holland weed is tolerated since 1976 (i'm from 77) i''ve been smoking weed for years. i never used any other drugs like xtc or cocaine. my aunt was head of a laboratory in a hospital in Amsterdam she said weed is good for your defence system. but the thing is…one of my weaknesses is reggae music. now reggae music contains lots of biblical text and when i was high i started to read the bible not only the text that was mentioned in the songs but i kept reading on. they say alcohol is more destructive than weed is. i think its all about knowing your limits. don't smoke a pound a day nor drink a bottle of wine a day

  25. I heard that caller say, "bababouie" and I knew he was going to say something awful. That's some crap from Howard Stern's show.

  26. Here in the People's Republic of Illinois, the Government's going to release hundreds (thousands?) of inmates who are currently incarcerated for minor drug offenses.

  27. Marijuana is a SCAM, quack medicine. In Christ, we seek reality and even painful conviction. Pot users seek the opposite, i.e.., peace APART from God, a state of inebriation. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THIS BE ACCEPTABLE TO JESUS ?????

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