Sherbert Breath Marijuana Monday Great Canadian Glass Gathering

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  1. Sherbet breath , I had morning breath now that I smoked some alpujerennia while watching Remo I now have meatloaf breath time to scrub the grill. Anyone else try the alpujerennia from pyramid seeds? I can't put my finger on the smell. Like celery and onions when you are cooking meatloaf or a hint of parmesan cheese. It's great I just can't accurately describe it I need you guys to smoke the vote

  2. This what doing what you love is !!! I wish I can smoke all day everyday like Remo. I VOTE REMO STONER OF THE MILLENNIUM!!! Click the like button if you agree

  3. if these guys are smoking that bud, no wonder they dont got much to say . looks like some heavy hitter

  4. Canadians don't pass the weed in a cypher. it's just going around randomly instead of in a circle. shit don't make no sense

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