Serbian Cannabis: Between Pain and the Law

Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong – The world is divided on marijuana legalization. Numerous studies have shown that it helps in reducing…


  1. Ovaj cijeli bibliju prouci vijeru Ute stvari nemijesaj vidise datebe boli kurac za svim ti samo o eurima pricas itonije dobro store radi dokturicaje upravu ja znam svimi volimo svoj zivot Ali ovakve stvari se nerade pogledajte staseradi pocijelom svijetu upravo zbog te trave

  2. Look for cocaine as a potential cancer slow growth or even cure it better. Marijuana only slow it but never a cure. also will not help late stage cancer pain so time to legalized cocaine.

  3. The love of the son for his mom is priceless 😌 I hope they legalize it in our country too for medicinal purposes and only ban it for recreational. But our Philippine president is an anti-drug person.

  4. please somebody teach this guy to vac-purge his stuff. his hearts in the right place but he's doing it wrong

  5. someone please tell me mr. good people of making the laws!why do you tell me, smoke tobacco is ok and on every tobacco case is written tobacco not good for your health and you make i to pay nonsense tax for consuming tobacco? Babylon tool! there is a distinct plant in the middle of the universe that the Most High say it would be used for the healing of the NATIONS. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA so that i must not be criminalized

  6. Alo momak nema zmajeva kod medicinske mare…u toj mari ako kazes namazes na cigaru onda ima zmajeva…pa imas thc u tom ulju…
    A TEBI TREBA BEZ THCa. Zakon je jasan i ne mogu ti nista ako nema thc ako ima 8mas mardelj u najavi ako te uhvate…al neece valjda…
    Raspitaj se i ..Dzona Bosnica zovni i popricaj sa njim.

  7. Katarina's back! I guess yelling at each other across a kitchen table is what passes as 'debate' in Serbia. While Katarina is hot and I would definitely eat her liver with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti, Serbia seems like it's stuck in the dark ages and I am very glad I was not born there. Probably won't bother visiting either. So much easier to take it all in while sitting on my fat American ass in my living room with a pizza and some beer.

  8. U rather serve morphine then let someone smoke some erbs? Am i the only one seeing somethin wrong with that?

  9. You have to moove all tha male plants,(as soon as they makes theese small "bells" before they open and make them all males and use all the power making seeds instead of top buts) only the female plant is high potent. You can bye a book called hempgrowers handbook. good luck;)

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