BlackBerry autoflowering genetics by Fastbuds under a 562-1000W HPS over 10 weeks. Final Harvest was 9.5 ounces (266 grams). For the strain review and …


  1. Bro no offence !! But 10 weeks at 20/4 or 18/6 4 plants for ??

    Do 4 Blackberry Dream (Etc..) Photo-period ?? Veg for 4 week

    Turn 12/12 & Save electric less fuss & 10 wk but buds bigger

    Done BB kush auto's (My channel) Never again !! Photo 100%

    & Why they lie ?? Listed 550 / 600 gm2 ?? BS !! As seen here

    True weight would be 280 gm2 & I can see you ain't no newb

    Ps. Not knocking your grow great job man !! Healthy green '-'

  2. 10 weeks,thats damn fast

    I wait almost one year to harvest my weed

    in my garden,im jealous bro

  3. I am more interested in your soil composition and any additional nutrients you may have added . And how long you have them in each cycle of light n dark . These things interest me . The video was cool too see still . Have a great day !

  4. Man that was amazing. Would love to have a bud off that. I am thinking you probably enjoyed that he he.

  5. 266g ac une lampe de 1000 watts c'est une récolte de merde on est loin du gramme/watts

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