This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ Seed To Harvest grow guide on the Blue Dream Autoflower from Humboldt Seed Organization. Full grow cycle from …


  1. Within the next 2 uploads I will have the dry weight results out for this 1 Blue Dream Autoflower. Thanks for watching everyone.
    Always appreciate comments on what kind of content you guys want to see.
    How I amend for Auto Runs –
    How I Flush –

    Last weeks grow update –

    Support me & Additional content –

  2. I've heard some people say you can go 24hr with auto? Have you tried? An think it will affect anything?

  3. Hey I have a HUGE question. Whenever I start a plant it never grows so bushy and wide when it’s that short. They always grow leggy and the leaves are far from eachother. Not sure if that’s a strain specific thing I just got random seeds planted. And my plant that I’ve had for a month now is only a foot tall, so skinny just one little stem and 5 pairs of leaves that get bigger as it goes up. Hope you can help me!!

  4. hello Mr. Canucks grow, I wanted to know what technique you used to maximize the production of buds on the "blue dream auto", by chance it is "lst"?
    if you could upload next videos a guide where you show how to maximize the production of plant tops?

  5. My brother in law informed me that he was growing, just got the okay from the wife. I have never grown anything, so I am going to learn as much as possible, he also said he learned a ton from this channel. Hopefully I can get good at this. I already started a list on what I may need, so far I have a tent and a full spectrum light, just need some fans from what I seen. I don’t know what else I would need.

  6. I have been watching your channel for some time now and am wondering one thing. Do you use anything other than the all purpose and bloom dry nutrients. I have been using synthetic fetilizer for some time but I feel I want to dip my feet in the organic grow style. I have watched all your vids and must say. Good job. Anyhow growers love from the Maritimes.

  7. Can make 3 seperate gross per year, unless you plant heaps to begin with and keep on planting 😂 eventually then you end up with consistent content… I see what you did there mr cannuck

  8. These videos must be fuck long to make and keep a track of all the footage considering these take upto 94 days sometimes longer 😂 that’s a third of a whole year!

  9. Hi Dear please buy link from Led unit fram larg in video comment.
    The bulb shopping link was in the comments, but you removed the purchase pin

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