San Francisco Just Wiped Out Old Convictions For Pot

Help us cover the political revolution: “The city of San Francisco will retroactively apply the state’s new marijuana legalization law to past cases, a move…


  1. What about the people doing time for possession? Like doing 5 or 10 years or more. Why don’t the prison’s look at places like Sweden , Norway etc, etc & the way they reabillate prisoners.

  2. So…. now that it's legal… when do we fire 75% of the police force…since drug law enforcement is basically ALL they DO

  3. Sweetness bravo to the progressive county and the state that shows the country how to lead in the decriminalization of cannabis register and vote for better than what we have vote for the change

  4. I hope the trend is going to catch and legalization will expand to other states like texas . Only problem is the fact that private prisons in texas are such a large thing that politicians here have been profiting from their use now for decades and making cannabis legal will throw a big wrench in the political contributions for all those corupt politicians in texas so I think the fight for legal weed here in Texas is going to take a while.

  5. Connecticut republicans running for governor still think it's a bad idea to legalize recreational.

  6. That doesn't make those people whole what about the money you took from them the time they spent in jail and the opportunities they've missed because of these draconi and drug laws…… where is the restitution and reciprocity

  7. I will be the first to call this bullshit…expunge just means sealing your records most state run these programs all the times this is nothing new…The problem is by law you are still convicted of the crime..So if a company uses a professional background company they know anything sealed is a expunge for a crime even if they can't read the charges or details..Now employer's think you have something to hide and are not being honest about your past. And if you have lost certain amendment rights because of this conviction like the right to posses fire arms after expunge you still can't.There is nothing sealed when it comes to the police expunge is really not helpful it actually creates more problems.. These people should receive (pardons) that's how you really help people not (expunge) don't be fooled

  8. its going to be legal in canada this canada day, don't tell sessions he might want to threaten to close the border like they did under Bush.

  9. None of this would have happened if Hillary won I bet.
    Maybe it might,we are past the tipping point but it's so much sweeter that republicans are responsible for legalization.

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